Assassin’s Creed Empire Listed By Retailer for Pre Order

"While rumors have been going around for awhile about the next Assassin’s Creed title from Ubisoft we now have our first retailer listing for the game."

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Relientk77431d ago

I'm ready to explore pyramids, tombs, and stuff. Can't wait for the Ancient Egypt setting

lxeasy431d ago

It was nice not having an AC game in 2016. The franchise needed a break. Notw the question is can they bring it back to its Glory days when it was a respected franchise people looked out for

MetroidFREAK21431d ago

I wasn't. The only AC game I've played is Unity...

InTheZoneAC431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

that's what your ps4 is for...choose your response wisely...

joab777431d ago

Ya might get Unity in 720 for the Switch.

HRoach616431d ago

The break was actually good. If it's not a buggy mess at launch I'm very much looking forward to a new assassins creed game. And the Egypt setting is just icing on the cake.
I'd still love that feudal Japan setting or go back to England but much earlier. Like mid 14th century. Run around with an assassin Robin Hood maybe?

InTheZoneAC431d ago

I've always enjoyed the few assassin's creed games I've played, but I have no interest in the history aspect.

Dark_Knightmare2431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

Really that's the reason I love them. I'm a sucker for history it's always been my favorite subject

HRoach616431d ago

The history is just a bunch of semi factual nonsense. But the different settings are always interesting.

DedicatedDark431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

Enough with the goddamn feudal japan. Feudal Japan is there in countless games, there are so many other obscure places and times before rubbish generic places.

bloop431d ago

I'd actually love to see a present day/near future AC. Taking all the best elements from previous AC games and the original Splinter Cell games in an open world setting could be amazing.

HRoach616430d ago

You forget it's not just the setting. These characters (the assassins) were designed as medieval ninjas in the first place. I think a lot of us would just like to play that out in that setting in the series. And also people play different types of games. I can think of two games I have played in X amount of years in that setting.

blu3_puls3431d ago

I'm actually a bit excited for this. I'm hoping it will be good and have some new ideas for the franchise. If this ends up getting good reviews from people I may pick it up myself.

joab777431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

New ideas is key! Make me a real assassin and make combat similar to Nioh when you actually choose or are forced to fight. It would be nice to have to stay in the shadows, or.purpisely blend in to accomplish tasks. And in certain situations like grand scale battles or duels, there are fodder and real warriors similar to For Honor. Using a Nioh type.mechanic this could make you a badass while also adding weight to the fights that matter. It would also make gameplay more dynamic as you shift from stealth, to blending, wrecking people and then epic duels.

Imagine if you had to rescue someone so you try it in stealth and if you are successful then great! But if you aren't you have a certain amount of time before the unlock off the area. At this point you have to find an alternative way and if you don't, they move the prisoner. Something more dynamic in gaming would be great!

No Way431d ago

I wish the combat and stealth would go back to the style of the 1st game. Fighting was actually challenging. It was smarter to run, hide, blend in with the priests. All the other assassins creed games, you could slaughter a whole army, by yourself.. Thats whack. I understand that the assassin is extremely trained compared to the average soldier, but damn..

Hugodastrevas431d ago

Here's to hoping they don't F it up!

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