Gran Turismo Sport Ultra Realistic GIFs Revealed; Shows Incredible Physics System & Multiple Angles

ThisGenGaming says "New GIFs from the Gran Turismo Sport beta have been revealed which shows off the ultra realistic gameplay in different angles as well as the incredible physics system in the game. Check them all out below."

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italiangamer368d ago

The one with the BMW is NUTS!!! You can't tell it's a videogame, because it looks that good!

bouzebbal367d ago

same, i'm blown away.
being able to top driveclub in such a short time is an accomplishment.
it's breathing real life.

Obscure_Observer367d ago


"being able to top driveclub in such a short time is an accomplishment."

Top Driveclub? That´s NOT gonna happen. Not with this game. The gifs are taken from REPLAY videos instead of GAMEPLAY videos.

Misleading tittle again.

bouzebbal367d ago


well, if it pleases you, GT sports replay videos are better than Driveclub's.
What i said above is still valid.

BIGBOSS08367d ago

Now this straight up looks like real life.

RememberThe357367d ago

So are we getting damage or...what?

nX367d ago

It is, to anyone who takes this game seriously. If you want car crashes there are much better games for you.

Knushwood Butt367d ago

While you are probably just trolling it is a fair point.

Thing is that even if the game had a realisticl visual and mechanical damage model, I guess that 75% or more users wouldn't use it, because they'd be out of the event as a result.

So is it worth spending the dev time?

RememberThe357367d ago (Edited 366d ago )

I don't troll, I don't have the forethought for that. I either leave sarcastic comments or opinions. In this case I don't think it's asking too much for a "sim" to have damage modeling. I'm a HUGE GT fan and I don't really play other racing games. When I spin out in my Zonda and run into a wall I think it's pretty reasonable to expect real repercussions in the form of cosmetic damage and changed aerodynamics.

Knushwood Butt364d ago

Real repercussions would mean you either have to retire from the race or end up at the back of the race.

Again, the majority of users would disable that if it were an option.

Fact is that in real racing any kind of incident will put you out of contention unless it is an endurance race where you may get a second chance if the competition also has problems.

BIGBOSS08367d ago

They should make a new destruction derby for people like you who just want to crash cars and see them torn to pieces! That was a fun game actually. It was on ps1. Not sure if many will even remember it now.

RememberThe357366d ago

I'm not asking for Burnout. I'm asking for dynamic damage and aerodynamics in my racing sim.

Dee_91366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

If I recall correctly, it was confirmed to have damage. Rather the damage will be realistic or not is another question. But in my opinion with PD being such a small team and not outsourcing like mostly every other "sim" racing developer, they should spend more resources on things like physics and AI. No point in having realistic damage if AI never crash and crashing physics are arcadey, imo.

RememberThe357366d ago

Thanks guys for being so soft and defensive, I had to go all the way to Google to find out if this game had damage and guess what? It does! And dynamic weather! Dope ish!

I guess they said this like a year ago...

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