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Haters Gon’ Hate, But I’m Really Enjoying Mass Effect: Andromeda

Rich at GameSpew: Look, I’d be blinkered if I didn’t acknowledge that Mass Effect: Andromeda has issues, but the animation isn’t something you should get hung up about.

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Community432d ago
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2pacalypsenow432d ago

I thought for something to have "haters" it had to be so good people hated it for being good. ME Andromeda is not that.

_-EDMIX-_432d ago

Lol from a hater's perspective.

2pacalypsenow431d ago

There's really nothing to hate, the game is average it speaks for itself. Nothing to see here.

MVGeneral431d ago


Have you played it? How do you know the game is average? Do you let other people make your decisions and opinions for you? Are you a sheep?

2pacalypsenow431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

I actually played it on Origin Access, but lets just all ignore all the reviews because it's Mass Effect and blindly purchase the game and support the shitty developers. Maybe if EA took the time and hired experienced people instead of Cosplay's and racists then it would have been as good as the the original trilogy.

fiveby9431d ago

If you don't want to purchase the game then don't. Sure I'd like a 10 out of 10 score but of the criticisms I have read so far none of them deter me from playing the game. Might I be disappointed in some aspects? Maybe, but that is for me to find out.

Pintheshadows431d ago

Or a religious zealots perspective. Amirite EDMIX?

That's what you called me yesterday. And a 'fanatic' because I like the older Mass Effect games. Here's what I can't reconcile in my head. You call me a religious zealot and fanatic because I like the older games, but here you are acting in the same way, about a game in the same damn series, which you haven't actually played.

I have played it. It's not very good. Is it the worst thing ever? No, of course not, but honestly, if this is the game you are drawing a line in the sand for, it just makes you look a bit silly.

And I don't know about you EDMIX, but I normally expect a big game like this to have some level of polish to it. This game has none. And that isn't hyperbole, it genuinely has no polish anywhere. This game was never ready to go gold and it is a prime example of how having enough time is vital in game development. But keep defending it, and then when the next EA published mess comes out, you'll only have yourself to blame.

Unspoken431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

Did you finish the game 2pacalypsenow? Follow what you herd!

2pacalypsenow431d ago

Don't have to finish it to base an opinion.

_-EDMIX-_431d ago

@2pac- well I definitely agree with that statement simply because we don't really know what you were looking to play from the game.

You might have seen enough features that you are excited about not returning to the game or not done properly in your opinion to make a decision and quite frankly that's fair and up to you.

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2pacalypsenow431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

Yeah, Zelda is a great game, not a perfect 10 but its a great game.

ShadowKnight431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

I know right. What's funny is that Zelda's in going to win 2017 GOTY but people still will be in denial and going to keep hating.

Pintheshadows431d ago

I think RDR2 may have something to say about that ShadowKnight. But it will be close. HZD, Nier, Nioh, Zelda, Torment, and soon Persona 5. What a great start to the year.

TekoIie431d ago

I would actually argue (based on the trial admittedly) that the combat in andromeda is the best in the series. From what I've seen of facial animations and characters so far it's a mixed bag but it leans towards being the worst in the series.

Could be proven wrong though. I'll have to wait until I complete the full game.

Captain_Tom431d ago

The problem is "Having the best combat in the series" doesn't mean much when that's not what the series was famous for.

The combat gameplay may be better; but it isn't better than MGS, Battlefield, Horizon, or Nier -> And those are the games it is competing with if that's all ME is anymore.

gamer9431d ago

The internet and journalists made up their mind months ago. No gameplay footage thus it must be terrible. Turns out the gameplay trailers came out and looked great. Now we are moving on to facial animations as a basis for a good game. I mean.. the animations are terrible, but that can't ruin a whole game

431d ago
iceman06431d ago

Since when did haters need an excuse to hate!?😂

Captain_Tom431d ago


If anything this game has gotten mountain loads of pitty points. I have seen numerous reviews where all they do say how terrible it is, and then they give it a 7 or 8. BS!

Literally everything that made the Original Trilogy great is absent from this game. What's left is a mediocre action shooter-rpg with open-world elements, and some LIMITED story decisions.

Horizon has better decision making components, and they don't even market that part of the game.

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SegaGamer432d ago

Anyone that says "Haters gon' hate" doesn't deserve to have their opinion respected. I'm sick of people using those words to discredit genuine opinions, it's childish.

Pintheshadows431d ago

I think it used to be. Now it is just the easy way to dismiss anyone with criticism of something.

_-EDMIX-_432d ago

Wants to support opinions

begins bashing other people's opinions


SegaGamer431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

Saying "haters gon' hate" is not an opinion, it's a statement, and a stupid one too. Anybody who uses these words in a sentence sounds like a moron.

431d ago
starchild431d ago

Too bad. Fanboys do exist. Hate bandwagons do exist. I'm not going to pretend they don't just to avoid offending your delicate sensibilities. I'm not going to stop calling it out when I see it.

None of the haters respect anybody else's opinion, so why should anybody respect theirs? Those that gave the game high scores are derided and anyone that says anything positive about the game are attacked.

If it was really all about genuine disappointment then that's what we would see. Gamers would be expressing their personal likes and dislikes about the game but there would be mutual respect for the plurality of tastes and perspectives on the game. Instead we see one group trying to forcefully shove their opinions down everyone else's throat. Positive reviews are ignored or attacked and all kinds of ridiculous claims about those reviewers being bought off are thrown around.

I'm not saying the game is perfect and doesn't deserve criticisms in certain areas. I'm certainly disappointed with some aspects of the game. I'm just opposed to this group think, overly negative attitude about the game, whereby the game is portrayed as completely terrible, insufferable garbage and anyone who likes it is a sheep or a shill.

_-EDMIX-_431d ago

Agreed and Agreed!

Remember when the mob came out to bash Witcher 3 on their whole "downgrade gate" bs and you and I along with a small few where the only ones basically saying to calm down, its still a game?

Folks, I get games can have issues, but some of the people on here I don't think ever had real plans to buy this game if the animations were enough to stop them from buying.

starchild431d ago

Yeah, I do remember that. I just don't understand why things tend to be so overblown in the gaming community. It seems a lot of people suffer from black-or-white thinking. Everything's either the greatest thing ever or it's worthless trash that nobody should play.

And why is everything a damn competition? It's like people have to pick games to hate in order to like others. You see this all the time. They bring up Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher 3 or Horizon and act like those games are the second coming, while Mass Effect Andromeda is painted as an utterly horrible game that nobody could possibly enjoy. I mean, I really like those games (or probably will, in the case of Cyberpunk 2077), but I don't need to hate MEA in order to enjoy them.

The 10th Rider431d ago

Especially since the game's hardly a critical disaster. It's got a 75 on metacritic, which seems fair considering the issues. People have this idea that anything below an 85 is some sort of disaster or something. Generally even a 60 is enjoyable, but flawed.

Muzikguy431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

I completely agree Sega. I feel the same way. Reminds me of other times people have used a catchy saying to discredit the truth. "Fake news" comes to mind because it's used a lot these days, but there have been so many more over the years

Spike20XX431d ago

You hate us cause you ain't us

Unspoken431d ago

Genuine opinion is not fact. Most here are taking it as such.

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bluefox755431d ago

There are always people that enjoy bad games, just like there will always be people who don't like games that don't like games that receive universal acclaim.

starchild431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

Your words betray your bias. You act like it is objectively and factually a "bad game" and imply that anybody that likes it is some kind of oddball.

The reality is that reviews are subjective. Tastes and opinions always vary on any game. On some games opinions vary more than on others. In the case of Mass Effect Andromeda there is nothing that we can reasonably call a "consensus". Opinions are all over the map, from mediocre to excellent. I recognize that some people had enough issues with the game that they didn't enjoy it very much. Will you recognize that some people like what the game offers and enjoy it a lot? Or are you and your ilk going to go on pretending that the majority of reviewers thought it was terrible and anybody that thinks otherwise is some kind of sheep or "Biodrone" that should be ostracized?

RedPill86431d ago

A story driven RPG that fails to have a good story and straight up isn't an RPG.

Yeah. Objectively bad.

_-EDMIX-_431d ago

"There are always people that enjoy bad games" No, there will always be people that enjoy games that others think are bad games.

If you enjoy it, it can't be a "bad game" based on.....well you enjoy it lol

Star is correct.

Bad is a matter of subject opinion.

GrimDragon431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

You can sell your own beautifully painted sh!7 on a stick. Someone somewhere will buy it, and love how it makes their room look and smell. It is what it it is.