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Chris White: "A welcome return to Bioware’s space opera, introducing great characters, an interesting story and some fantastic designs, always providing things to do."

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ShyGamerGirl7d ago

Yeah, those numbers (I'd say) are good. But, sadly, the game doesn't deserve those, actually.

Toiletsteak7d ago

Have you played and completed the game?

joab7777d ago

Why? Trust me, every reviewer will dock points for animation and spotty dialogue, bit all this info comes from first 10 hrs. I've been watching streams today and the game looks pretty damn good actually.

Am I disappointed with the utter lack of leadership and vision regarding some aspects of the game. Absolutely! Never should have happened, but how can we be the judge of a game none of us have played for more than 10 hrs?

SolidGear37d ago

Wowser. You beat it before it came it? You mad wizard, you! :D

annoyedgamer7d ago

Do reviewers get a different copy of the game or are they being offered incentives? Had this been a game by anyone else, it would have been hammered...

Elit3Nick7d ago

It's almost like... *gasp* People can have different opinions...

Toiletsteak7d ago

Don't spread those lies, only Annoyedgamers opinion matters.

annoyedgamer7d ago

Its not the opinion. Its the score combined with the opinion or in this case its the lack of addressing the bugs. There are so many other games out there that got hammered by reviewers for far less.

bunt-custardly7d ago

The incentive for a website is to be a little more lenient so as to not ruin the relationship they have with the company providing the free review code. Many websites aren't proper businesses that pay wages to their staff which means getting free games is their bread and butter and incentive for staff to come and work for them without being paid. Not picking out this site in particular but lots of sites in general.

OB1Biker7d ago

Looks like there s a review for everyone. If you want to hate the game you got your hating reviews, if you want to love the game you got your raving reviews and then everything in between.
Dont get told what you should like or not and follow your own taste is my take

SolidGear37d ago

Yes.. we all love variety.. so that's one thing we can all agree on xD