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Mass Effect: Andromeda is a forgettable, tedious trudge. So much potential, missed in the details.

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364d ago
shammgod364d ago

"Mass Effect: Andromeda really blows it"

Opening line tells the story. This series has been on a steady decline since 1.

annoyedgamer364d ago

You are going to get disagrees, many fans loved the sequel. They say it began with the third release when EA began to takeover Bioware.

UnHoly_One364d ago

ME2 was so much better than the first game. It improved on it in every possible way.

And 3 was better than that, except for the ending. :(

So yeah... no "steady decline" in my opinion.

Delivorance364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

What blows me away about this review is that the reviewer complains about the lack of explorable planets, yet openly admits that he got impatient with the travel sequences between destinations and quit exploring half way through the game. Some of the best side quests in the original Mass Effect (first game) were tucked away and could only be found if you explored. I just find it interesting that he is bashing the game for a lack of exploration when he flat out made a conscious decision not to explore.