Pokémon Go Players finds a Way to Bypass Speed Restrictions

Pokémon Go has always had a restriction when it comes to speed. But one Reddit user has given us a "tip" on how to play on the go. Find out more here!

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Fist4achin247d ago

Just from the picture alone, this doesn't look like it is going to go so well. Many people suck while driving a car and using their phones. I can't imagine using a bike and phone at the same time...

Koneesha247d ago

Well now we know who didn't read the article!

Fist4achin247d ago

After reading the article, even 30 mph is still enough to cause some damage. 30 mph, which is in upwards of professional cyclists speeds is enough to seriously injure someone. However, I doubt any person cycling that fast is going to play Pokemon go simultaneously.