Unreleased Nintendo 64 Game 'Die Hard 64' Discovered

Yippee ki yay! It looks like yet another cancelled Nintendo 64 game has been discovered - this time it's the mythical Die Hard 64 from Bits Studios.

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Servbot41154d ago

What does this have to do with Gamecube, PS2, or Xbox?

plmkoh154d ago

Did you read the article?

GhostTurtle154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Yeah....nothing about Gamecube, PS2, or Xbox....

EDIT: probably bc of Vendetta tag

3-4-5153d ago

This was posted here on N4G like 1-2 weeks ago.

Why is it still considered "news" ?

XMessiah23x154d ago

I liked die hard arcade on the saturn. But the psx die hard sucked.

triverse154d ago

Die Hard Trilogy was kind of hard to take, I agree.

FITgamer154d ago

I personally have great memories of Die Hard Trilogy. My younger brother and I played the hell out of it.

BlackTar187153d ago

Yea the 3rd person portion of Die Hard Trilogy was awesome me and my older brother played it a ton.

FITgamer is that you my older bro?

KyRo154d ago

What?! Die Hard Trilogy was amazing for its time.

InTheZoneAC154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

samuel jackson said "f this game" and went on to do voice acting for vice city

Goldeneye007154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

No. Sam Jackson had nothing to do with Vice City. He DID, however, voice the character of Officer Tenpenny in San Adreas.

BlackTar187153d ago

yea but San Andreas is like 12 yrs after Die Hard tirlogy though

154d ago
Relientk77154d ago

I would totally play this

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The story is too old to be commented.