Overwatch: Picking Healer Heroes Should be Encouraged

Healer heroes in Overwatch are often not the most popular ones that everyone wants to play as. Should Blizzard find a way to reward healers?

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cfc83432d ago

Don't often get after game votes for healing alot. Some healing characters do, but alot don't.

PapaBop432d ago

People shouldn't need to be encouraged to pick a healer though. It can be a thankless task sometimes made worse when you have a bad team but ultimately it's the most rewarding role in the game for me personally. Nothing like spending over half a match keeping everyone alive and when you finally get caught out and killed, watch as your entire team drop like flies and end up losing that objective.. while it's probably not the case, it makes you feel like you're the one who was keeping the team in the game.

Chexs1990432d ago

Or they could, you know, balance the game? At this point the vanilla game was more balanced than now -_-

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