Nintendo : The Teacher in the World of Soldiers

Since the release of the first Nintendo there has been a war. A war between the companies, a war between the fans, and a war that would never find a victor.

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PhoenixUp632d ago (Edited 632d ago )

"Since the release of the first Xbox there has been a war. A war between the companies, a war between the fans, and a war that would never find a victor."

Eh the first legitimate console war started with SNES vs Genesis.

"Nintendo never follows the trends, they create their own trends."

Not following basic trends has often done more damage to Nintendo's positioning in the console realm. Just look at how ignoring basic trends had negatively impacted N64's, GCN's, and Wii U's position in their respective console war whereas their rivals successfully adapted to and set new trends as well.

"Sony has tried and tried to break into the handheld and has been shot down by Nintendo both times."

PSP actually proved to be a very successful handheld even though it didn't outsell DS. In fact PSP actually outsold every Nintendo console except Wii. It remains to be seen if 3DS can top 80 million.

"Wherever you stand on consoles everyone has a game on Nintendo that they love."

While that is very much true, it's often the case that gamers can find even more games they love on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Erik7357631d ago (Edited 631d ago )

Glad your opinion is the comment and not the article. The community on here is overly negative on nintendo and even when something good, like having the highest rated exclusive compared to xbox/ps4, it still gets bashed on. Can't catch a break.

As a pc gamer, I find my ps4 absolutely useless once I'm done playing the rare good exclusive that I like ( bloodborne was great but it just wasn't my game). Horizon was good and Uncharted was good, so far only 2 games I have gotten good enjoyment out of out of 3 years having it.

I will enjoy Persona 5 and The last guardian this summer though. But thats FOUR games?

In the first year of Switch there will be 4 games of that level of enjoyment I will get out of IN THE FIRST YEAR or so.

Mario kart
Mario odyssey
And betting on Smash bros.

All amazing higher rated games I never got to play but the rare few. Don't call me a Nintendo fanboy when I dont own a single nintendo console yet and have a ps4/pc.

Beyond good and evil 2, Pokemon, Metroid, Pikeman, and Animal crossing all coming down the line as well.

Some of your comment has t legitment knowledge and talk but obvious of the fanboyism of the overly negativity, "damage" "negative" and just obnoxiously shitty.

Who spends time and energy focusing on things they don't favor? ( a person no one wants to be around) You act like your opinion is fact. You may say to me that "I act like my opinion is fact" but you dont hear me saying how gamers tend to find this enjoyable when instead I talk about myself and MY experience not saying how gamers love playstation/xbox more or love Nintendo more.....what bs your saying and if you honestly think your fooling anyone your not but people who root for a negative opinion for Nintendo, essentially the last people you want to convince of your BS because they already are a drone and follow a corporation, or a good amount are.

PhoenixUp631d ago

What part of that was an opinion? Everything I stated is a fact.

You not finding much enjoyment in your PS4 doesn't change the fact it's currently the dominant console with the most active userbase.

Einhander1971631d ago

Nintendo have raised the bar with ZELDA BOTW simple as that.

MultiConsoleGamer631d ago

Nintendo leads, others follow. A great company innovates, inferior companies imitate.