Nintendo Switch May Have Cloud Save Feature

Nintendo fans may have a few inquiries about the company's hybrid device. However, it seems Nintendo Switch has an upcoming cloud feature.

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PhoenixUp4d ago

I'd like to say welcome to 2011 Nintendo, but it remains to be seen if this feature becomes available to consumers on a basic level

Thunder_G0d_Bane4d ago

Saves are a simple fix with an update.

I'm pretty sure in the next big OS update we'll be able to copy our saves to the microsd card.

4d ago
PFFT4d ago

So thats where you can find the extra horsepower missing in the console as well?????

Athos4d ago

Translation, I can't afford one.

PFFT4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Translation, i already have a PS4 Pro and XB1S dont need a THING that is as powerful as an Atari.

CrimsonWing694d ago

why is it a "maybe"? Sony and MS have cloud saves... you're going to charge us a sub fee and might have cloud saves on a device that only has 30-some GB of internal storage? Man, Nintendo... just Nintendo.

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