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Andromeda's combat soars but its storytelling sputters, making the series' first venture into uncharted space a shaky but occasionally satisfying new adventure.

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boomtube1987398d ago

I knew it was going to flop. The story sets in Andromeda galaxy itself sound stupid when vast size of Milky way is enough to start a new story. This is NOT surprising as most of the important talent left Bioware. Just like Infinityward. They just great by name and not talent. Goodbye Bioware. You were once great.

SolidStoner398d ago

weird.. and I thought that engine will blow us away.. seems like that was not enough...

UltraNova397d ago

Dear seems anything can happen...

Let this be a lesson to all big devs out thete- you either create a solid game in ALL areas or you are getting called out.

Bethesda, I m looking at you.

Bigpappy397d ago

You sound very elated by this bad review. But it has not flopped just yet. The gamers will decide that, just as they are doing with Ghost Recon. It flops when gamers don't buy it, not when a reviewer did like it. You all are getting this flop thing all screwed up. A couple of guys, who may or may not be gamers, DO NOT get to decide if a game flops or succeed. But I see they do have their fans. I very well may flop, but it would purely be because of this review. That I can assure you.

blitz0623397d ago

"Mass Effect has the same sidequests as Horizon"

>Too many fetch quests


Eonjay397d ago


Absolutely agree.

blitz0623397d ago

A flop can mean a lot of things. There is no denying Andromeda is flopping hard critically. If you don't want to call it a flop, then you call it the biggest disappointment so far - same crap, just like how Watch Dogs flopped yet sold well for a new IP. This is a game succeeding an excellent trilogy. The only game that can topple this as a bigger flop/disappointment is RDR2

ABizzel1397d ago

After reading several reviews it seems like the game needed another 6 - 10 months of producing to fix glitches, edit writing and dialog, polish framerate, and improve quest, and had they took those extra months most scores would have been 1 - 2 points higher.

So Mass Effect is a black friday game for me, when it's $20 and all the performance issues have been ironed out.

Anzil397d ago

@blitz0623 a 78 on metacritic is not a flop. Try again sweetheart.

Unspoken397d ago

We need more page hits!

Instead of content we focus on facial animations and poor script (same issues Horizon had). Watched his review and he mentions some of the better features of the game, ie combat, graphics, exploration and goes on to claim he wants to finish the game. His tone sounds like he really likes the game but has been forced to dial it back because of regurgitated issues given to him without a depth of discussion. A 6 but you are enjoying it? Ok.

Editors appear as if to be talking about the exact same critiques and makes me wonder how many reviewers want to agree with each other in the inner circle, and in turn influence each others experience negatively (glossing over the merits of a game ie Mass Effect), or positively (glossing over the negatives of a game ie Horizon). Do they not have their own opinions to add? Wait they do, and it's where the positives appear and where the reviews actually differ.

Interesting to see reviews from the same editors praise aspects of previous games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect for the same "issues" apparent in Andromeda. Hmm... I've seen more unbiased reviews on YouTube than any of the major review sites, which is sad. And this goes for any platform, be it PS4, Xbox, Switch, or PC.

From the same site that started this mess. Different editor though. If an editor doesn't like a particular genre, he /she shouldn't be the one to review it.


Time to go enjoy Mass Effect.

PeaSFor397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

im gonna play it and complete it myself, i guess i must be special since i think for myself in regards to a game instead of letting the outcry of others sway my judgement, getting my own opinions on stuff get a lot of overly negative thoughts due to social media and game site out of the equation when deciding if something is great, good, average or bad, anyway ME:A will be perfect to kill some time while i wait for Persona 5, meanwhile the sheeps will continue theire online blabering and put too much trust into others opinions(personally i cant count how many times ive been let down by overly praised games and also appreciated many games that have been bashed by bandwaggons of peoples who just regurgitated the sensationalistic stuff they saw online, so yeah, im gonna play it and make my own mind about it, then trade it and jump on P5 like i always intended to do.)

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Lightning Mr Bubbles398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

And to think that for a brief moment I thought about not buying Horizon Zero so that I could buy Mass Effect Andromeda instead. Good thing I didn't. It was just for a little bit, but yeah I thought about that. I always liked the Mass Effect games and it was the bigger name, but Horizon just looked too good. Glad I made the right choice, Horizon Zero has been pretty damn awesome.

UltraNova397d ago

It kinda feels weird...I.mean a new sci fi IP (horizon) being a better game than Mass Effect? Mind blown!

girevik397d ago

I know! I was in the same boat. I wish I could play every game but time is limited with work and family. I'm SO glad I went with Horizon!

Kokyu397d ago

I did the same thing so glad I bought HZ dawn and Ill be renting MEA.

seanpitt23397d ago

When this game was going through the testing phase, the game testers must of said what is going on here you need to go back to the drawing board with the character animations, all that time and effort and anticipation for mess affect andromeda.

trooper_397d ago

This is a real shame. Never saw an ME game scored this low.

notachance397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

maybe all the recent highscored games affecting reviewers a bit too, they just done reviewing Nioh, Horizon, Nier, and Zelda back-to-back, not to mention the soon to-be-released Persona 5 that already has all the signs of another masterpiece....
all of them setting the bar enormously high that makes the scoring criteria significantly stricter than it usually is.

At least that's how it is for me, sorry ME:A. I have Nioh and Nier still unopened, just got to Meridian in Horizon, just got the glider in Zelda, and my CE Persona 5 will arrive in about 2 weeks, there's simply no time for subpar game.

threefootwang397d ago

Sounds like this Mass Effect will be worth buying in a year from now after all DLC, a price drop, and some good patches.

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rivaldoo777398d ago

Flop effect haha (Eat All) :)

Lightning Mr Bubbles398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

I might skip Mass Effect Andromeda, if the reviews were great it would of been harder but I was thinking of skipping it even before the reviews. The game just doesn't look that good, I liked Mass Effect for it's epic story and all but Andromeda honestly looks more like a multi-player installment of Mass Effect. The graphics and characters all look pretty generic, more like a create your own character kind of game not the engrossing characters and plot from the original trilogy.

lxeasy397d ago

And this is why I had no plans of getting it day one

Jon_Targaryen397d ago

These days getting games day one is like buying a car cheap old car what keeps on cutting out every few miles. Broken as fudge!!

397d ago
PhoenixUp398d ago

Yikes this game currently has a 73 on Metacritic

-Foxtrot398d ago

Dragon Age 2 got 79...that puts things into perspective

KillZallthebeast398d ago

Dear god 2 was atrocious even for a bargin bin game

game4funz397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

Loved Dragon Age 2. Besides the typical complaint of reused textures it had the best companions in any dragon age game. The best story missions and possible companion death. Definitely the best qunari fight. And the best political story between the chantry and the mage circle. And the combat was satisfying.

cleft5397d ago

Dragon Age 2 was limited, but it was still good. It had good writing, good characters, and the animations didnt look like shit. Oh and when the main character suffered that early tragedy, he or she (depending on who you made) didn't walk around making dumb ass jokes every time they discussed it. They had emotions that showed pain. DA2 had a lot of issues, but the core of a good game was there. All ME:A has is combat, which is fine for the mp but not okay for anything else.

SourtreeDing397d ago

Dragon age 2 was crap tho.. idk how it went on and won game of the yr

Fist4achin397d ago

DA2 wasn't a terrible game in and of itself. It was just a horrible follow up to DAO which was incredible.

This new ME,... It sounds like Bioware has steadily gone down since EA acquired them.

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chrisx398d ago

Damn, what the hell Bioware, is this april 1st already? All the warning signs were true. In no rush to play this at all