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You've bought the new Nintendo Switch and want something to play. 1-2 Switch is probably not that game, with a lack of depth and expensive price tag.

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t0mmyb0y401d ago

The more you play it the better it gets.

chris235401d ago

i always said that nintendo is the most greedy and most evil of the manufacturers. no one else would have dared to NOT include this gimmicky tech demo with their console. only nintendo got the audacity to charge full price for such a thing as 1-2-switch. that's one of the reasons why i am not supporting them anymore.

mcstorm401d ago

Its not full price its £34 on Amazon. I do agree I think it should of been a bundled game like wii sports or Nintendo land but to say "Nintendo is the most greedy and most evil of the manufacturers" is a bit far stretched.