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While not the best Mass Effect game (that throne still belongs to ME2), it certainly isn’t the worst by any stretch of the imagination. It's still the Mass Effect you know and love, but with new additions to make it feel fresh and different enough. It's challenging, it's huge, and best of all, it's fun.

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Yonkiedoodle432d ago

I need to take leave from work for this!

MVGeneral431d ago

Drastically different reviews out there. I pre-ordered it and I'm gonna play myself and decide.

angelsherwin432d ago

Not a yay or nay. Reads like a meh.

morganfell432d ago

Yet they gave it a 9.8. I guess only 9.9s and 10s get a must buy from them. How do you say a game isn't the worst one in the series and still award such high marks? Make up your mind.

Khalina432d ago

"While not the best game, it isn’t the worst."

MVGeneral431d ago

It isn't the best mass effect. But it's a good game. What don't you guys understand?

admiralvic431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

@ MVGeneral

The issue is not only the concept, but how it is written. If this game was truly .2 points away from having a perfect score, I wouldn't need to go "it's not the best game, but certainly not the worst." At a score that high you wouldn't even compare it to the previous ones, since it's absurd to think a game with a near perfect score can't stand on its own. This suggests either the score was changed, they gave it a specific score because of the name or their review standards are very low.

MVGeneral431d ago


I think what the reviewer meant was, if we remove the "Mass Effect" name from the title. And call it something like "Andromeda: The new frontier" (or whatever) it would be a very good game. But compared to a mass effect game its getting its negative reviews if you read all the reviews from GameSpot, ign, and destructoid. They say it is fun, it has awesome game play, but it lacks in story and technical issues. The technical issues can probably fixed with a patch. And the story, depends on the person tho. But they all agree it's a good game. Just not a good mass effect game.

Dark_Knightmare2432d ago

I can't wait to pick up my copy tomorrow

PixelGateUk432d ago

There's no mention of the production value, no comment on voice acting or visuals?

-Foxtrot432d ago

That's how you can smell bullshit

It's like ignoring AC Unity problems and giving it the same

PixelGateUk432d ago

The fact they gave the visuals a 10/10 without ever covering it is kinda odd. Like, it does not even make sense in the context of a review

_-EDMIX-_432d ago

@Pix- they might mean visuals in terms of looks, but not how they animate. It looks good, its animations on the other hand.......questionable.

Performance or Production value clearly needs to be rated lower based on this. I'd like to know what they define as "visuals" as even my response is a bit of a stretch as I don't know any reviewer that rates visuals, animations etc differently, like as separate things

_-EDMIX-_432d ago

Yes, questionable. I don't actually think such things really add up to merely 0.2 points.

Like a WHOLE POINT if not maybe even 2. Consider animations with face and body are not the same, I heard it has other issues too.

PixelGateUk432d ago


Yeah, but even so. You can write a review and ignore a major element like visuals, animation and audio. It's part of a game's DNA

_-EDMIX-_432d ago

I think you mean "can't" and I agree.

Even if they were having it in different areas of the review, it woulds still justify a lower score regardless.

I like what I've seen about the visuals, love what I'm hearing about the story, worlds, characters etc, the animations are the biggest let down, but not enough to not purchase for me.

Its an 8 from what I'm seeing. What you mentioned easily needs 2 points or even more. I think its a solid game, I think its on track to do many things correctly as I've wanted Mass Effect to actually be an RPG vs simply a shooter with RPG elements, so for me, I'm willing to forgo those issues in terms of production as they are minor for me.

I never cared for the animations of the first 3 Mass Effect games lol, I mean...I like HZD and even I can admit its face animations are strange at times and lip syncing hopefully is addressed in future sequels, but its not enough to have me not buy. HZD is one of my favorite games this year if not this gen and I recognize its animations are not perfect in all areas.

I'm fine with a pass on certain things as I didn't really care so much about such things last gen, I won't this gen.

Gatsu432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

Did you read it? The review mentioned that the animations were not a problem and didnt see bad stuff much.

OB1Biker432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

Its pathetic and a sign things are not right.
The internet got crazy over animation and a frenzy of gifs so the reviews MUST mention bad animation ???
No, reviews should mention what the heck they want to. IMO its even amazing that they mention and admit they paid attention to the buzz around it.
Many obviously gave in to the hate. Just check a few stream vid made before the hate picked up. Gameinformer didnt even notice anything wrong.

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Northern9432d ago

Sorry but I just can't get past those facial animations. It's an RPG that's supposed to pull you in and keep you invested emotionally with it's characters and I just can't take it seriously when almost every single NPC has a blank, emotionless 1000-yard stare and the only movements are in the head and the eyes.

For a AAA title in 2017 this just screams lazy development and shouldn't be accepted because it's a "large pretty world". Having a large pretty world in gaming is a dime a dozen these days. Lipstick on a pig is what is coming to mind when seeing Andromeda right now.

CDzNutts432d ago

The stiff animations extend beyond just their faces....unfortunately. :-(

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