Someone is working on a fan remake of Super Mario 64 in Unreal Engine 4

DSOGaming writes: "Back in 2015, we shared a video showing Mario running around various maps in Unreal Engine 4. Created by aryoksini, this gave us an idea of what a modern-day Mario game could look like. Aryoksini decided to take his project to the next level, and is now attempting to remake Super Mario 64 in Unreal Engine 4."

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BlackIceJoe247d ago

This could be great, but I'd not have announced it until it was done, because I'm guessing he'll get a NDA and then the project will be scrapped.

247d ago
joab777247d ago

That demo was amazing though and makes me want a Nintendo with current gen tech.

EnsignHiro247d ago

Its gonna get hit with cease and desist by nintendo sadly.

Kabaneri247d ago

First game I ever played.

247d ago
Goldby246d ago

and you just ruined any chance this person had at completing his fan mad project before Nintendo does what it does best