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Day of the Tentacle: Remastered, is as you can guess, a remaster of the adventure game, Day of Tentacle which released originally in 1993, which itself is a sequel to another cult favorite, Maniac Mansion. This remaster was developed by Double Fine Productions, founded by Tim Schafer. Tim was also one of the scriptwriters of the original game as well. Story As with point and click adventure games, the story is pretty much the most important aspect. As someone who didn’t play the original game so I went into the remaster completely blind. You play as a trio of characters …

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LaWiiG400d ago

Double fine is overrated. Period.

jacob_roachge400d ago

They're one the best out there. You're full of it. Period.

LaWiiG400d ago

Seriously? They had some fluke success with their Kickstarter. Since then they have made shoddy point and click adventures, not recapturing the magic they once had.

Maybe if they re-did something like Stacking, maybe then I'd be more impressed.

PhantomTommy400d ago

Not a Double Fine game. It's an old Lucasarts point n click and it's brilliant.