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Everybody walk the dinosaur!

The first thing worth mentioning is the noticeable improvement in the game’s visual department. The original N64 game’s main couple of problems were the horrid distance fog (which limited the field of view quite significantly) and its somewhat slow framerate (sometimes reaching 15fps). This remaster fixed all of these issues.

The distance fog is now gone, and with this, the whole depth perception and sense of exploration has been revamped. For the first time ever I was able to realize how immense and well-detailed the levels are, how many open-ended possibilities for progression and exploration were available back there in 1998, but were hindered with the horrendous fog which was present in a lot of N64 games. You can now detect secret areas more easily, as well as avoiding being surprised by enemies which were hiding in plain sight, five feet away from you, but “invisible” due to the poor draw distance. This feature alone has pretty much changed the whole way you will play the game. To top this off, the framerates have been drastically improved, reaching 60fps without the need of having a powerhouse of a computer.

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