Roller Coaster VR Games - Produce the Best VR Experience

Since the earliest days, roller coasters have been part of gaming experiences. With the 3D Crazy Coasters on the Vectrex, roller coaster games go back as far as 1983’s. However, with the development of virtual reality (VR) technology, the immersive experience has become much realistic.The inherent sense of presence in VR simulated environments makes the roller coasters’ terror much more impressive. Gamers experiencing roller coaster VR have reported that their “bonus” is inducing the kind of sickness that you may get from a real life roller coaster. Many game developers create VR roller coaster games. The reason is that it is easier to create a VR experience where the player is sitting down, travelling on a fixed path where he/she can control their passage and look around. Roller coaster VR rides feel realistic and are among the best games that could be experienced on VR headsets.

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Wait are any of these mentioned coming to the PSVR? None of them say PSVR only for the other VR devices.