Horizon Zero Dawn: Guerrilla Games Explain How They Managed To Put Ants In The Game

Guerrilla Games' Horizon: Zero Dawn has garnered quite the positive praise since its launch. Many players also pointed to some of the amazing details in the game, including ants climbing up tree trunks. What inspired that level of fidelity?

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Hardiman242d ago

That small detail just shows how far they were willing to go to make the world as "alive" as they does.

bouzebbal242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

I would have prefered if Alloy's hair and clothes become wet after a swim, or rain.
Adding ants is irrelevant, to me it sounds like "OK guys, we are way ahead of schedule, what can we include?"
As i said, wet clothes would have been much welcomed.
there is nothing negative about the game itself, i am loving every bit of it. it's just that there are some must have feats that could have been added.

Hardiman242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

You know I jut looked and you are correct. I also noticed she doesn't leave footprints. I feel like a "gooden" as I was all about some ants but yeah I would've liked wet cloths and footprints but with all the game does I can't complain. Also I should've said as "alive" as it does not they does.

nitus10242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

There are plenty of games that do display wet clothes as wet and it is a nice immersive touch.

In The Witcher 3 and even Skyrim as examples, you have plants, small animals, birds and even insects that you normally interact in a mild way (eg. picking flowers or herbs) or even not at all with but together go to make the game world much more believable. Most of these worlds don't have destructible environments unless there is a need for this mechanic.

I saw a comparison with Zelda BotW against Horizon Zero Dawn and it was highlighting (fanboy style) how in Zelda you can destroy/cut the sparse environment (ie. lots of grass) to get items while in HZD you could not but when you compare the two environments HZD's looked much more organic and believable. Even if you could destroy some environments you really have to ask yourself what do you achieve if you do? Basically, destruction for the sake of destruction may be satisfying for some but in the long run, it is rather pointless.

ravens52242d ago

Wet clothes
Foot prints
No snow tracks or snow on her clothing . Just a few things. Still a 9-10.
You know a game is great when you still think about it after you beat it

inveni0242d ago

Yeah, the footprints business is something I notice every time I go into the snow. I haven't thought about getting wet, though. But the game is so pretty that missing those footprints makes me feel detached from the world in those areas. It's not a huge deal, though.

sampson3121242d ago

Hardiman: No foot prints? what are these then?

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Hardiman242d ago

Well I just noticed while I'm walking through snow that there are now footprints.

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greywolf39242d ago

Small details make great game. Unf. I Have yet to see that. I to played like 12 hours but havent see them. I am playing on hard and doing Side quests and this really eats your time

Goldby242d ago

if you've played fro 12 hours youhave seen lots of small details, you may not have picked up on them but they were there.

how aloy skips when shes a child following Rost.

how standing in fields she will run her hands through them, a another variation when its raining. how she actually rotaters her whole body when you change camera angle on a mount.

Its those little things that make the world more belieable, and if done right, you shouldn't be noticing them, because we are used to those thigns in real life

Ceaser9857361242d ago

I find it funny how few people were comparing details between Horizon and Zelda ..

UCForce242d ago

One thing I noticed that when you damaged enough on Sawtooth, it will move slowly and attack very clumsy. If you fire cargo on shell walker, wait for it and it will use its left hand to carry and hold the cargo on the back. You can tell how much details GG put in to it.

Ceaser9857361242d ago

Exactly, There are many details which GG worked hard on and those zelda vs horizon comparison video was plain stupid.. People was nit picking on Horizon but chose to ignore Zelda.. Both games are different from one another and solve their purpose...

Cryptcuzz242d ago

Holy damn, I never noticed that at all. Now the next time I play, I'll make sure to pay attention to that part.

Another thing I noticed was different animations Aloy would do in certain conditions. She would shiver when its snowing , she would cover her face during a dust storm, and during rain, if left still, she would out her hand out for the rain, even look up at the rain as well.

One of my favorites is killing machines that are weak to freeze. Once they are dead while afflicted by the status effect, the metal are frozen, with cracking sounds to boot that are unreal.

Most probably know already, since I read an article here before about it, but Aloy's eyes reflect what she is look at real-time. That is amazing detail right there.

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