Forza X Rumor Debunked By Turn 10 Studio Head, Confirmed Fake

Rumor about a new Forza game has been debunked.

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Bigpappy268d ago

Actually they said the logo was fake.

Godmars290268d ago

Then why skip two numbers?

dumahim268d ago

It is Microsoft. They seem to have a problem with numbering things in order.

rainslacker268d ago


MS skipped Win9, because they said they didn't want to confuse the customer with the Win95-98 lines, because apparently consumers are confused with numbers on an OS that came out 20 odd years ago.

This rumor may be fake, but assuming it's true, maybe they just want to bring Forza up to the same number as Windows, and then start releasing updates for it for the long term....not unlike they do for Windows now apparently. Thus turning it into a service, more than a product. Wouldn't be a bad thing depending on how they handled it.

Chano268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

XBOX360 "It is called such because it provides 360 degrees of entertainment: games, movies, music, internet access and community, as well as features like high definition image, simplicity of use and surround sound capability."
XBOX ONE "all in ONE console"
XBOX ONE X(leaked name, allegedly) could mean its a cross between pc/xbox1 since pc textures will be directly ported into scorpio and does backwards and forwards compatibility

KionicWarlord222268d ago

There keeping Forza 7 close to there chest it seems this year. Cant wait for the reveal.

Septic268d ago

Imagine Forza running on the BEAST!

notachance268d ago

just play FH3 on a gaming PC, no need to imagine anything

Goldby268d ago

it already has, on a top of the line PC. which is better than the scorpio

KionicWarlord222268d ago

It will be godly so godly on the scorpio.

Septic268d ago

Was playing horizon 3 this morning on gorgeous!

Bigpappy268d ago

I don't get the PC reference. FH3 =/= Forza7. Forza7 NOT on PC, gaming or otherwise.

I do imagine that it will be beastly at 4K 60fps on the Scorpio Monster when it does release.

Should be nice, expensive gaming PC built for 4K with a 4K monitor or 4K TV like I will use with my Monster.

XanderZane268d ago

It's going to be amazing. 4K native 60fps with HDR support. Damn, I still need a 4K HDR TV.

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ShadowKnight268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

Can't wait to play this on the PC!!! Forza is the best racer currently!

FITgamer268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

Disagree completely. AC IMO is the best SIM racer to date. Untouched as far as racing mechanics go.

FH 3 however is great. Probably the best arcade racer I've ever played.

Movefasta1993268d ago

Idk about PC and I was using a controller, but I tried ac on PS4 and the driving physics were trash.i felt like I was gliding on the track, like there was 0 weight and the collision physics ....dear god. I picked up dirt rally after and that imo is a great racing game.

FITgamer268d ago

@Movefasta1993 I can't speak for consoles, but on PC, AC is definitely a better SIM than FM 6. Physics are better, the cars look better, more track detail, better lighting, and car engines sound better. It also just has more a SIM feel to it, where is FM feels more like a SimCade. FM is more forgiving, which would appeal more to the casual crowd.

I agree with you on Dirt Rally It's also amazing.

TheColbertinator268d ago


Please dont play Assetto Corsa on console. Its just meant for PC

MorpheusX268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

what does AC stand for?

Nevermind...•Assetto Corsa

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game4funz268d ago

You did not forget about AC. Be honest.

ShadowKnight268d ago

I did but I never said it was better than Forza. They're both great games

XbladeTeddy268d ago

I miss Project Gotham Racing.

Paytaa268d ago

I played A LOT of PGR2. Might be my favorite racing game ever next to Forza 1 and 3.

jonivtec268d ago

The thrid one release along the xbox 360 was for me the best racing game ever.It wasn't a sim in term of physic but in term of immersion it best anything i have ever play.The engine sound was just mind blowing to.

TheCommentator268d ago

Cone challenges were awesome... I obsessed over them.

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Einhander1971268d ago

There's a surprise another forza, let's hope Microsoft have more up there sleeve at E3 for Scorpio than this fake or not.

VideoGameLab268d ago

Don't worry, they will.

Another Forza, the best racing franchise.

Bigpappy268d ago

Forza7 will be mind blowing beautiful in 4K 60fps HDR. People have been saying Scorpio needs a 1st party game to showcase it's power... this a that game.

MRMagoo123268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

racing games don't show off power , they are not very demanding compared to most other game genres. They are basically just graphic showcases because it's easy to get them looking real.

VideoGameLab268d ago

With 24 cars on screen, running at 4k with 60 FPS showcases the power.

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