Ghost Recon Wildlands 5 Best Weapons and Where To Find Them

Different versions of weapons are available when starting out on Ghost Recon Wildlands, but as you get deeper into the game, you will need something more powerful to keep up with the pace of the game. This is where the high caliber weapons becomes handy.

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FITgamer189d ago

The Vector and M4 shouldn't be on this list. Should be replaced with Tar-21 and SR-635.

Elwenil189d ago

I disagree, the Vector is crazy good for a submachine gun with good accuracy, damage and a very high fire rate. In my opinion, the ACR shouldn't be on the list and should be replaced by the Mk 17, basically a SCAR H. The M4A1 is a decent assault rifle, but there are better options once you get to that point in the game, in my opinion. The TAR is a very good assault rifle and should be on the list. In addition, the Mk 48 LMG and SASG-12 should be on any list of the best weapons in Wildlands. The Mk 48 is absolutely the best weapon to have to deal with convoy attacks, helicopters and to defend the radio trailer mortar upgrade missions. It's powerful and stupid accurate when fired in short bursts with great penetration and a huge 200 round belt magazine. The SASG-12 is excellent for room clearing and makes easy work of the Comm Center vehicle drop upgrade missions. Some prefer the SPAS, but for me full auto and the ability to change the large magazine quickly makes the SPAS near worthless in a tight spot.

FITgamer189d ago

SR-635 is definitely better than the Vector. Highest stopping power in class, better range, and it's easier to control.

MK 17 is a beast but it's accuracy and muzzle climb make it annoying to use, imo.

MK 48 is the best LMG without a doubt. Once you have fully upgraded stats, it's takes around 2 seconds to stop any vehicle.

As for shot-guns I never even equipped one. I'm all about the stealth when possible, so they aren't practical.

Elwenil189d ago


I use the Mk 17 in semi-auto mode. Works great for close range or as a medium range sniper. Basically a really good DMR. With the right mods you can get the accuracy way up there but at the cost of handling.

FYI, you can equip a suppressor on the SASG-12 and it's quiet as anything. A bit unrealistic, but fun to use nevertheless.

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Vetalka83189d ago

I use ACR and MSR bot good but still want to try TAR21

Allsystemgamer189d ago

I use the tar21. Drops people in 1 or 2 hits

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