Witcher 3 Developer CD Projekt Red Is Looking At VR Gaming

The dawn of VR has prompted many companies to stand up and take notice, CD Projekt RED is also looking at VR revealed Michał Kicińsk

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UCForce69d ago

Ok then, I want to see how they handle the VR.

thorstein69d ago

Nice. Bethesda is starting to embrace it and so many others already have.

AnubisG69d ago

I hope that VR will be inproved a lot because at this stage, at least for me, it's not working great. It made my eyes hurt after 15 minutes in a strange way I never fealt before and made me sick like a dog as well.

AnubisG68d ago

Ohhh the disagrees. I'll let my boddy know that none of this happened because people on the internet disagree.

Tankbusta4069d ago

Good way to kill your up and comming studio. VR gaming is probably less than one percent of the pie currently.

mkis00768d ago

It can only grow at this point. And it is growing.