Skyrim & Fallout 4 Confirmed [to Receive Patch for] Xbox Scorpio

Microsoft will unveil the Xbox One Scorpio this year and the console will be launched late this year, during the Holiday period. The console boasts 4K capabilities and it looks like Skyrim and Fallout 4 have been confirmed [to receive a patch].


Admin note: truly misleading title has been updated, they said the games would be patched for Scorpio and not somehow 're-released' for the platform.

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PhoenixUp460d ago

The headline acts as if Scorpio was is its own platform instead being an iterative console that Microsoft has repeatedly stated that it is

corroios460d ago

Because its so for away in terms of tech and power that it doesnt have nothing in common with the Xbox One.

The jump between the Xbox One and the Scorpio seems bigger then the Jump between the 360 and the Xbox One.

The 360 was 0.24 teraflops machine and the Xbox One is 1.23 teraflops (this after all the overclocking)

The Xbox One is 1.23 teraflops the Scorpio is 6+ teraflops machine....

Nyxus460d ago

That's not the point. Scorpio is an upgrade to the Xbox One, not an entirely new generation. So it's a given Fallout will work for it. Todd Howard is just talking about a patch for the game, same as was done for the PS4 Pro:

"We just wrapped up updating Fallout 4 for the PS4 Pro. We’re used to that in the PC world. We can update the games, and people keep playing it. Microsoft’s Scorpio is coming next year, and we’ll update Fallout 4 and Skyrim for that."

RosweeSon460d ago

Yeah they forgot to jump on Xbox one and just revised.

DillyDilly460d ago

If they even think about forcing people to buy games they already own on XBOX One they will be in for a nasty surprise

bluefox755460d ago

Lol, it's not. At least not when you factor in the diminishing return. I promise you that X1 games will look better compared to 360 games than "Scorpio" games will compared to X1 games.

Mr Pumblechook460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

If the Scorpio has its own separate editions of Skyrim and Fallout 4 you can say 'the Scorpio version' or talk about a 'confirmed' version. If however the Scorpio is using the Xbox One game discs/downloads then you say that the Scorpio version is getting its own patch.

PS4 version of Andromeda is getting a PS4 Pro patch.
XBO version of Andromeda is getting a Scorpio patch.

Aenea460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

5 x 0.24 = 1.2
5 x 1.23 = 6.15

The jump is about the same, yes...

Still, when MS says it's not a new gen but just an upgraded Xbox One then it's not a new gen and not a separate platform...

LexHazard79460d ago

@random, its obvious they're not doing that. Xbox has been in the forefront of owning a game and having it be playable on different devices. For you to think that shows me you dont follow Xbox.

freshslicepizza460d ago

"Microsoft’s Scorpio is coming next year"

when was this interview?

_-EDMIX-_459d ago

That really doesn't matter

at the end of the day it's playing Xbox One games, the jump in between the upgrade is actually Irrelevant , this was made to be an upgrade to the Xbox one it was not made to be its own individual platform with its own individual Market.

mikeslemonade459d ago

The jump won't be bigger than 360. Just look max setting pc gaming and you have the answer.

And nobody cares about fallout 4 and skyrim. Two boring games and old games.

RedPill86459d ago

The problem is that the 360 had custom architecture. The PS4 and Xbox One are both showing the same issue. Because they can't be squeezed for power, they essentially have already capped out. The 360 and PS3 made massive leaps every year. Even if it is 6tflops it isn't custom architecture. It can only go so far.

Here I am waiting on devs to chill with the polygons and use the RAM for heavier scripting and more depth..

bouzebbal459d ago (Edited 459d ago )

well this is no news.
of course games will be patched, otherwise what's the reason of getting the system?

Judging by MS words (first time i will do it), it is an xbox one pro. brings PC experience to the living room.
We aren't talking next gen though, it is existing x1 games getting special treatment.
Now let's wait and see how much truth there is in it. i honestly believe the initial cloud computing thing is not something x1 can handle, which means we might see exclusives with PC after all. the games are developed for PC and ported to it without sacrifices.

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bluefox755460d ago

Yeah, I thought the same thing. It should have said: "Scorpio Will Get 4k Patch for Skyrim and Fallout 4".

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_-EDMIX-_459d ago

Absolutely agreed the people writing these articles are dumb as bricks, the Scorpios not going to "launch with games" it will play all Xbox One games.

For god sakes how many times does the damn company themselves need to tell you that this is an upgrade to the Xbox One?

So even with an example of PlayStation Pro they're still confused?

Something's definitely wrong where the comments are more educated than the damn article.

So does the author just believe when new gpus come out for PC that games are just re-released? So they're just oblivious to how this works on PC?.


But, werent they say games didn't need patches for scorpio?

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christocolus460d ago

Nice. Listened to the latest windows central/xbox reddit podcast. Jez Corden says he has more info on Scorpio and he is trying to compile a list of full native 4k Scorpio titles. Also he says 4 major unannounced (graphics heavy) titles to be released this year will be full native 4k on Scorpio

Bolts460d ago

Native 4K is pointless when you're using dynamic resolution as much as MS is. In fact when your entire platform hinges upon resolution scaling from scene to scene the term native 4k is a total lie. I would rather have 60 FPS.

pinkcrocodile75460d ago

Who said Microsoft is using dynamic resolution specifically with Scorpio, I must have missed that meeting. Agreed that MS is using this technique on Xbox one / S.

TheCommentator460d ago

What Pink said, plus why would dynamic scaling on XB1 adversely affect native 4K on Scorpio? AMD says less than four times the power is needed for 1080p games to run in 4K. MS has four and a half times the performance of XB1 inside Scorpio. That means more than half an XB1's total power (.65tf+) would be left over to get dynamic 1080p up to native 4K. Doesn't seem like much of an issue to me.

As for the 60fps, that's a given on games that are 60fps on XB1 already. On other titles, it would be a possibility on games with an unlocked framerate or games that devs design it to (like a high fidelity 1080p mode, for example), but those are just hypothetical examples. We'll know for sure in a few months what Scorpio is capable of.

On topic though, if MS is compiling a list then they must have a lot of 3rd parties putting the native 4K treatment on their releases. That means 3rd parties think native 4K on Scorpio is not pointless. Don't forget either, that it's the 3rd party games typically not running in 1080p on XB1, which kinda puts MS' whole "True 4K" statement right in focus, don't you think? I mean, you'd need a lot of power to get 900p up to native 4K, and 3rd parties seem to be able to do it if this news is anything to go by.

It's the logical assumption, in my opinion, but we'll see soon enough.

XanderZane459d ago

They aren't using dynamic resolution on the Scorpio. They don't need to. He said the games will be Native 4K, which means no dynamic resolution or checkerboard tech will be used.

RedPill86459d ago

4k is useless when people can't be bothered to make bigger world's with more interactivity. Resolution easily became the most overrated thing this generation. Right along with hardware specs. All this power and everyone is still trying to make Hollywood setpiece crap. The industry has turned into and Micheal Bay production. Deus Ex had a crazy deep world. I want to see more of that, yet people are convinced that gamers want "movies", 4k, and big name actors. It's a joke.

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SpaceRanger460d ago

You do realize that hitting 4K isn't that hard right? Tone down textures, animations and frame rate and you've got yourself a nice 4K picture.

In regards to the 4 titles to be announced. They mean nothing till it actually happens. Nintendo has been saying the same thing and people have been ripping into them since they announced the Switch. And that's because they didn't make people wait a year and a half for it.

460d ago
MRMagoo123460d ago


he said all they have to do is knock down the graphics , which is true, but the devs choose better graphical features rather than 4k native and with cb render looking not too far off 4k native , I know id prefer better graphics with cb to downgraded graphics with 4k native.

SpaceRanger460d ago


When you're games already look as good as Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn, etc., then reducing textures is not a smart way to go. You should be used to both scenarios by now with most of Xbox's exclusives running at "Dynamic resolutions".

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RosweeSon460d ago ShowReplies(4)
KillBill460d ago

Guess what... ALL Xbox One games and Xbox 360 BC games confirmed for Scorpio. It's a given already. Why is it that people and websites can't articulate the idea that the games are simply going to be patched to take further advantage of Scorpio specs than just the basic advances that are given.

DillyDilly460d ago

It's no different than the PS4 Pro in this regard

RosweeSon460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

So what's new then? Why buy a whole new much more expensive console if you can play all that on an S.

There's a massive difference one is banging out games left right and centre Xbox meanwhile?... cancelled.

DillyDilly460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

Why buy a PS4 Pro if you can buy all of that on a cheaper regular PS4 ? It's an option no one is being force to buy the upgrades & no one will be left behind. If your gonna complain about Microsoft about this you better give Sony fair treatment & complain about them as well same thing here no difference

StraightedgeSES460d ago

Wait scorpio is a different system from xbox one?

pinkcrocodile75460d ago

Yes, it is a different box but part of the same Xbox One family, just like PS4 Pro, PS4 slim and PS4 are part of the same PS4 family.

It's not that much of a difficult concept to grasp

StraightedgeSES459d ago

I know I said that because the title was misleading before

pinkcrocodile75459d ago

Microsoft said that project scorpio is part of the xbox one family since they announced it at E3 last year and have continued to draw comparison to ps4, Slim and Pro family of devices. The message is clear and hasn't changed

It's very simple now that I've said that, isn't it.

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