Zelda Theory: Why does the Master Sword “Break”? *Spoilers Inside*

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is packed with tons of “new” mechanics, which separate it from all previous iterations.

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admiralvic432d ago

It does, but the article tries to create to figure out an explanation for why it breaks when it historically hasn't.

While fan theories like this can be a lot of fun, this one seems pretty straightforward. Like the writer states, Nintendo simply didn't want you to just use one sword throughout your remaining adventure, which is why it deteriorates. Obviously, they can't make a weapon as special and time consuming to obtain like the Master Sword a one time obtain that you can only use so much before it's garbage and adding mechanics just to fix it is a waste of resources, hence this mechanic.

As for the theory, the idea that the blade can be overused and it merely adapted is silly. I like the theory that it showed Link's health at the time, I personally just saw it as a way to symbolize Link's failure and how much time has passed. This is why all the promotional artwork, including the Master Edition figure, use the rusted blade over the brand new one you find and possess in Breath of the Wild. The symbolism is lost with the perfect sword and doesn't quite capture the failure the same way that the iconic sword in such a bad shape shows.

nitus10432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

In the game The Witcher 3 you can craft oils (they are upgradable) which are specific to each monster class which you can apply to your silver monster slaying blade that will allow so many strikes before you need to reapply the oil. This is not a bad mechanic since it enhances your weapon and gives you a much better advantage especially when you are fighting enemies five or six levels above you and you are playing the game on the higher difficulties.

Yes TW3 as well as the Souls series do have degradable weapons but you can get through multiple quests and some of these can be quite long before you need to repair them. If you do need to repair your weapons or armor in the field you can always use repair kits. Looking at Zelda BotW videos you basically need to repair your weapon every few seconds which requires you to pause and select a new weapon then rinse/repeat. IMHO this is a great way of breaking the immersion.

If you ever play a Souls/Bloodborne game you can't even pause the game although you can swap your secondary weapon with a button press. Having such fragile weapons that you have in Zelda BotW would make all Souls/Bloodborne games unplayable.

Sirk7x432d ago

I just assume the blade hasn't fully repaired itself yet.

wonderfulmonkeyman431d ago

@ nitus
"Looking at Zelda BotW videos you basically need to repair your weapon every few seconds"
Looking at your comment, it's apparent you don't know what you're talking about and are just trying to rag on the game.

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zodiac909432d ago

Title alone is a spoiler...

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