Why Buy a PS Vita in 2017?

It is 2017 and most people in the handheld world are going crazy over the Nintendo Switch. In this video The VitaBoys explain why you should still want to buy a PS Vita in 2017. Between the amazing PS Vita Games, PS Vita Indies and PS Vita Accessories coming out, the PS Vita is looking stronger than ever. See why you should buy a Playstation Vita in 2017.

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FallenAngel1984402d ago

For its games and features obviously

XisThatKid401d ago

I don't know anyone (but I know there are people)that has time with that handheld marvel and not loved it. I know so many people that would get one of not for the price it's at. I just rebought my wife a white and sky blue Japanese import plus I bought my daughter one for Christmas. Getting back into Freedom Wars.

Paytaa402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

I got one off of Craigslist two weeks ago and I think it's a pretty neat system. Getting to relive Jet Set Radio brings me back to a different time in gaming which is cool.

I have Severed, Jet Set Radio, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Sly 4, Flower, , LBP Vita and Darkest Dungeon.

First portable I've owned since the Gameboy Advance SP.

mikeslemonade401d ago

Which the better version is on PS4. I have that game. PS vita dead and should been killed off 3 years ago. Sony wasting their time in the handheld space.

InahimeHondaSengoku401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

LOL, still butthurt and stalking me? Pathetic :-)

Going to roast this so people can laugh at you ;)

awdevoftw401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

it has been the one of the best systems I have ever owned. absolutely love this thing. just bought super robot wars V and many more this year.

Protagonist400d ago

Because games keeps getting released for the Vita.

InahimeHondaSengoku400d ago

Salty people will never understand this and it is a fact. :-)