The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Wii U review - The best Zelda game ever - TGG

"The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" was everything I have ever wanted in a Zelda game and much more. So I'm quite sure that other Zelda fans will love the game as well, and this is the reason why" - Phil Weigel, TGG

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IAmLoki433d ago

Great review. Great score. The best game in generations. Legendary gaming experience on the world's first hybrid console ever made.

TGG_overlord433d ago

Thank you ;) I'll be sure to tell Phil (the reviewer) that =)

Nu432d ago

No need I'm right here.

Nintendo-or-Nothing433d ago

I bought it for the wiiu and will be picking up the switch version later. Nintendo really proves that hardware specs really doesnt matter when you have talented developers.

My whole family is blown away by this new Zelda and reminds me of the quality that Disney used to produce with its animation.

Zelda should not be missed by any person who claims to be a gamer. This is an experience that would not be possible without Nintendo. How lucky we are to have the original developers still working for Nintendo making this the best game I have ever played period.

EddieNX 432d ago

Definitely one of the best games I've ever played. Its begging to explored 10/10

TGG_overlord432d ago

My childhood just called, and it demand me to buy and play Zelda BOTW :P

TGG_overlord432d ago

In other words, it's worth buying the Switch even if you just want to play Zelda BOTW?

EddieNX 432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

For everyone without a wiiu, then this game makes a case for being a system seller. I've had so much fun with it, and you cannot put a price on that!!! £280 ?!?? Pffft!!!! I've done about 75 hours, and I believe I'm going to go well over the 120 mark before I've done the remaining shrines and stuff.
The last boss is a proper goosebumps moment as well!!

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