Ghost Recon: Wildlands for PS4 Nearly Sold Out in Japan; Tops PlayStation Store Sales As Well

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands debuted rather successfully in Japan, and Media Create reports that it was close to selling out at retail.

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PhoenixUp9d ago

B-B-But Japan doesn't like shooters. 😂

Nice to see this install doing well in foreign markets

naruga9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

though the author accredit the succes of the game to Ubisoft s strong advertising in the country ...i ll say this is not the only major factor ....Japanese players just love TPS perspective (dont want to lose the identity of the character) and also like realistical weapon action-military equipement-->Wildlands had both them plus the open world freedome feature and also it was a solid made game for its genre, could someone say its a well made MGSesque clone

Mr Pumblechook8d ago

I like the pic, who is it and from what game?

HaikusfromBuddha8d ago

It definitely plays like Metal Gear online. That being said, it's all been built on top of what Splinter Cell conviction and Ghost Recon Future Soldier established. Play those games and you'll see the similarities. Real difference is the loot/rpg elements.

Bigpappy8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

The funny thing is GR is getting horrible reviews by the media and horrible negative comments all over the net by Ubi haters. But if you give this game a chance and realize that you need to think about your mission and use all of your weapons smartly, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, when you complete tough but well thought out missions. Thankfully it doesn't hold your hands every step of the way and forces you to think. This game is going to be popular for a long time because it is huge and unique, with a main focus on co-op. The AI can be very challenging too. So you can do splinter cell for some missions, Rainbow six for others. How you position yourself makes all the difference.

Godmars2908d ago

"Ubi Haters" are those who have played the nth Assassin Creed an found it to be buggy, poorly scripted and generally rushed to market. Its a rep Ubi themselves have earned.

And really, the "hater" mentality needs to go away if only so that honest critical opinion get labeled and discarded along with brain dead trolling.

FlyShootRaceSims8d ago

Add in the fact that the enemies are not bullet sponges. One shot will most likely kill.

BlacKJesu58d ago

I'm not a ubi hater...this game is boring...period

8d ago
C-H-E-F8d ago

BS the Japan Socom Servers used to be jumping back in the day. Even when Socom 1,2 and 3 were "dead" the only servers still had players was Japan.

DEEBO8d ago

Man socom was so good@
If Ubisoft can tap into socom mutilplayer for woodlands,they would have a hit on there hands.
Co-op is fun already.

Nu8d ago

Yakuza are interested in the Cartels mode of work?

boomtube19878d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Japanese cant handle shooters with their small hands. That's why they avoid 99% of shooters like ghangam style. There probably 30 in stock in entire country and all sold out. Which is hardly anything to buzz about and definitely not for Ghost Recon wildlands.

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IamTylerDurden18d ago

Amazing how well mediocre Ubisoft games sell. 74 Metacritic atm.

corroios8d ago

Metacritic scores doesnt equals the value of a game. In today gaming...

IamTylerDurden18d ago

No, it doesn't necessarily equate to a games value, but it is a barometer for a games perceived quality. In actuality i think many Ubisoft games are overrated on Metacritic, at least initially. Watchdogs is the poster child for this. Games like The Division and For Honor burst out of the gate with great Metacritic scores, they eventually go down several points but the initial overinflated scores help propel game sales. Even Wildlands was sitting at a 78 to 80 for a while only to drop to a 74.

I'm not impressed with Ubisoft's method of making games. I feel as though they oversell their games with too good to be true demos at E3 and then push half baked products out the door all in the spirit of greed. Ppl rush to buy these games bc Ubisoft overpromises, and then a month or two later ppl have real disdain for these games. The games generally come out buggy and unpolished with very little heart in terms of the sp campaign, but Ubisoft gets those massive first month sales so they have little reason to change. Almost every game this gen was a downgrade other than For Honor and AC. Watchdogs, R6S, The Division, and Wildlands.

It is very disheartening to see what Ubisoft has become.

Elwenil8d ago

Anyone who thinks Wildlands is "mediocre" hasn't played it.

Septic8d ago

I played the beta and thought it was a lot of fun with a mate. Will get to it hopefully once the madness of these insane exclusives chills out

Swiftfox8d ago

I haven't played it but being a Ubisoft game I'm going to assume you play as the reach of a world power sent to foreign lands to kill a lot of people of color with accents. How'd I do?

Dirtnapstor8d ago

Agreed. Armchair critics.
It's a great game. Thoroughly enjoying it.

_-EDMIX-_8d ago

Agreed I think the game has a very amazing and very unique concept people need to understand how many games can you go with 3 friends and do all these third-person Co-op missions with all these vehicles in a huge open world tactical Style?

They have something very unique and to their own with this game.

sergons8d ago

I played, its not medicore its a total crap! I can't believe people enjoyed that $i!?

IamTylerDurden16d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I guess the critics didn't play it?

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Bigpappy8d ago

You keep buying what the critics tell you to buy. When you get burnt enough, you will start to think about what you need from a game and not worry about what some guys on the internet prefer.

bluefox7558d ago

Metacritic has been hit and miss lately.

Nivekki8d ago ShowReplies(3)
IamTylerDurden16d ago

Metacritic is inconsistent and BotW was not deserving of a 98 due to legitimate flaws. Idk for sure if Wildlands deserves its 73 Metacritic atm but it's a general barometer of perceived quality. Metacritic was a small part of my argument, while the main part was the fact that Ubisoft has been shoveling overhyped, unpolished mediocrity for the past few yrs. U can be insulting and sophomoric (somehow the wonderful mods allow it) but ur point is trash. So, bc i criticised one game for being overrated on Metacritic i'm not allowed to ever again show any other games Metacritic score? Right...

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8d ago
The 10th Rider8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

89,000 isn't exactly impressive numbers. The article mentions that Ghost Recon helped push Zelda down, but that can also be attributed to the fact that 95% of the Switch's first shipment were sold out and because of that only 62,000 Switch's were sold. It would be shocking for Breath of the Wild sales to be higher than the Switch's. Horizon Zero Dawn also pulled better first week numbers than Ghost Recon, as did Battlefield One and Star Wars Battlefront. Neither Battlefront or Battlefield are open world, which is something the article attributes to Wildland's success. The numbers aren't bad, but they're not anything extraordinary, as the article might lead you to believe.

JoeDG8d ago

U know zelda it's not switch exklusive.. there are 15 mio sold wiiu and i am sure a lot of them in japan

The 10th Rider8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Obviously, but clearly people aren't buying it for Wii U . . . All you have to do is look at the numbers. Would you buy it for a console headed out the door if you thought you may pick up the next console somewhere down the line? Besides, the numbers are separate for each version and it was clear I was talking about the Switch version.

Either way, the point of my post is that Wildlands did nothing exceptional in Japan, as far as sales go. It hardly did bad, but it's not like it's breaking the slump of Western games or console games over there. As I said, Battlefield, Horizon, and Battlefront all pulled better numbers.

The article mentions a few things about Wildlands success. One was that it beat Zelda. As I said, that's a bit misleading because the Switch has been sold out and because of that fewer people will buy it for Switch. Another was that it did well because it's open world. That doesn't make sense because other non-open world games have recently preformed better in Japan. The game did fine, but it's not anything out of the ordinary.

bluefox7558d ago

What a hot video game character that Wildlands girl is.

DEEBO8d ago

Latina my friend,
They are soo sexy!
My wife is Latin.

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