Why I Quit Video Game Journalism/Writing

There are ethics, and then there is a lack of ethics. And video game journalism has none of these ethics. This is why I quit video game journalism (it's not actually why I quit, find out inside!)

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LordoftheCritics399d ago

First month of Journalism class and we had a giant lecture on Ethics.

We definitely need to be held responsible for saying impressionable things in the world. It is a privilege.

mikeslemonade399d ago

The average video game critic sucks. I feel like I can do better than most of these guys. Video game journalism is behind movie, tv, music, books etc. by a long shot. And it starts off with the stupid 6.5-9.5 scoring scale. Too many damn reviewers just hand out 8s and 9s. I can't take you seriously, you idiots.

LordoftheCritics399d ago

I agree. Many games I have played that many of these sites gave a 9, feel like a 7.5 barely to me.