PS4 Exclusive Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Gets New Screenshot & Character Art: Chloe, Nadine and Asav

The cast of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gets some new pictures for your perusal.

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-Foxtrot637d ago


With new characters being introduced Sully and Cutter better make an appearance. I always assumed given the back and forth between the pair in Uncharted 3 during their short time together that Cutter and Chloe were another version of Sully and Nate. I even wanted a DLC episode with the pair during Uncharted 3. I mean I would have rather had any of them over Nadine

HeisenbergX636d ago

Yeah i know what you mean.. who the f*** asked for Nadine ? she should have died in UC4 but they didn't have the balls to kill her off or even give us real proper fights with her not that automated bullshit that you can play blindfoled and always have the same outcome.. geez man i really i don't get ND's obsession with this character -.-

naruga636d ago (Edited 636d ago )

while all of us understand why they force Nadine in the game (wannabe the obnoxious political correct SJW -Annita followers) ..the thing that they designed "the black girl" to have the second-woman role instead of a protagonistic, makes them even more hypocrites and ridiculous ...ND have you the balls to bring a game with a black protagonist??? ND have you the balls to kill Nadine in the first place in U4 as she was the main antagonist (or even better dont include at all a ridiculous super man-women wihtout understanding the term strong female character)?? ...the answer is fing NO ....then STOP THE FK forcing obnoxious characters just for the shake of political correctness and Annita s will

G20WLY636d ago

^Lol Wtf kind of nonsense did I just read?!

Zool 08636d ago

Naruga obviously a trump supporter

naruga636d ago (Edited 636d ago )

@zoll @[email protected]) dont understand a thing huh?????....i m describing the hypocritical stance of ND to create bad characters just ot serve the SJW groups and forcing them in ,presenting them to be superior in every way(ridiculously unequal and unrealistic in comparison to others) , but without having the balls at the same time to be the cover heroes or protagonists (because THEY know that a game with such protagonists will NOT sell ...its their market studies not my opinion)

TheKingKratos636d ago (Edited 636d ago )


really ??

bluefox755636d ago

I didn't. I thought her character was over-the-top, and mediocre at best. Cutter would have been way better with Chloe. I know it sounds crazy people taking the SJW angle, but if you've read some of Druckmann's interviews, it'll sound less crazy. He's openly admitting to changing the gender of characters for diversity's sake. I don't want ND to slip too far into that and go the way of Bioware.

BIGBOSS08636d ago

I actually agree with this. Why the hell is nadine even in this? I'm sure they'll explain it in the game but still. . Seems forced if you ask me. There's plenty of characters in uncharted they could have picked from. Chloe was obvious but why nadine? I'm sure most uncharted fans could care less for her seeing as she was only in 1 game and even than, hardly appeared in the game.

Bathyj636d ago (Edited 636d ago )

Cutter and Chloe were only in 1 game too so how is that an argument?

You guys can complain about it all you want and whine about SJW (the most overused word in gaming in the last year), but Naughty Dog weighed up all their options for returning characters and thought this was the best idea. And they have a story to go with it that you have no idea what it is so are in no position to judge it. So thanks for all your input, but if theres any dev I trust not to let me down its Naughty Dog, so Im just going to wait and see.

Besides I found a South African woman with her own private army a more interesting character that a Jason Statham wannabe anyway who I found to be a bit of a dick. Not everyone has the same tastes. Stop yelling your opinions as if they were facts.

Last_Boss635d ago

You don't even know how the goddamn story is. If you played UC4 you can see that Nadine had a history with Sully, making her background more interesting. Let them tell the f×××ing story.

bouzebbal635d ago (Edited 635d ago )

tbh, when they showed the trailer at PSX i haven't finished U4 back then and after i saw that trailer i thought Nadeen (or Nadine) would have a much better place in U4 and i was annoyed that trailer kind of spoiled that for me.. After finishing U4 i was like WTF? You really only see her 3 times in the whole game and she disappears every time.
For me she is the most irrelevant character in the series, hand down..

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jaymacx636d ago (Edited 636d ago )

Let Naughty Dog tell the story as they see fit. They have a great track record. Wanting things how you want it just leads to disappointment. This will probably be the last of Uncharted series and they will move on to a new IP (at least for the near future)

UCForce636d ago (Edited 636d ago )

@Above This is a reason why I never trust Anti SJW and neither Pro SJW. They are both worthless to me. Few people said that culture outrage goes both way. Disagree all you want, but I'm not joining this stupid conflict.

Edit : For example, Anti SJW attack ME:A for its political correctness, but suprise SJW also attack ME:A for knowing Cora is straight. See the problems ? It goes both way. Don't believe me ? Here the video :

Edit#2 : Like I said, Culture outrage goes both way.

yeahright2635d ago

Yeah, I was in one of those comment sections. Couple of the anti SJWs demanded that gay characters get left out. I pointed out that If you want to come down on SJWs demanding that something be included, then don't demand that something be excluded. They went on to rant about a gay agenda in Mass Effect, then started saying how they want a Christian game where you play as a straight white male. So again, gay agenda bad, but Christian agenda good.
I pointed out that they're just two side of the same extremist coin, but of course they couldn't see it.

Nitrowolf2636d ago (Edited 636d ago )

I guess I'll see how it turns out, but I gotta agree. This has really nothing to do with "oh they are women characters", because a Chloe DLC I'm fine with as we wanted to see her in UC4 Finale, along with cutter. It just seems odd to me they are focusing on a character like Nadine who we know very little about and had very little attactment, and the DLC will most likely not change that TBH. She was a "villain" in Uncharted, and even still she was more of a supporting cast member if I'm honest.

Just as a character I have no attachment because they felt they were just there to be the muscles

Pozzle636d ago

Yeah, I hope there's a good reason for Nadine and Chloe to work together in this game., because Nadine obviously didn't give a crap about the treasure OR getting paid by the end of Uncharted 4. She just wanted to leave the ship alive. So it seems unlikely that she suddenly got a craving for treasure hunting after such a horrible event.

-Foxtrot636d ago (Edited 636d ago )

Exactly. Well put as always

I just wanted the LAST EVER Uncharted related thing to feature and focus on old characters

Sully and Elena mini DLC with how Elena gets to the Island in U4 or this DLC but with Cutter. "Hey this is what we were up to during U4" but because Nadine is in it they had to time jump a year.

Least then setting in during U4 would explain why they weren't in it

bluefox755636d ago

It is weird, everyone wanted Cutter and Chloe. I can't help but be suspect of Druckmann's motives after hearing some of his positions on forced diversity.

Why o why636d ago (Edited 636d ago )

I didn't mind Nadine. It makes a change. It's almost including diversity is becoming an issue or linked to being a sjw in some people's eyes. Depending on your point of view, maybe ND can develop her character now to make up for/push forward with her.. Let's wait and see but for writing stories, I know who I'm backing. . . . The doers not the naysayers. Naughty dog have earned the right to develop whoever they see fit. Of course they can have missteps but overall their characters are memorable. Fingers crossed they finish what they've started on a high

IamTylerDurden1636d ago

I trust Naughty Dog with creative decisions more than you, sorry.

-Foxtrot636d ago

Oh like Super Soldier Nadine, the "suddenly Nate has a long lost brother" plot point or the multiplayer they've ruined after the brilliant Uncharted 2 one

These guys are perfect alright /s

Bathyj636d ago (Edited 636d ago )

Thats the truest thing anyones said on this whole stupid thread.

No Foxtrot, they are not perfect, theyve just made about a dozen more good games that you or anyone here. They earned that trust.

yeahright2634d ago

@fox, who said they were perfect. He just said he trusted them more than some random guy on the internet. Good job putting words in his mouth though.

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