Top 9 Side Scrolling Beat-'Em-Ups

Here are nine of the best side scrolling beat-'em-ups to ever have a camera follow them beating up goons and eating turkey off the floor.

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Gaming4Life19817d ago

Streets of rage 2 is the best beat em up ever created.

dead_pixels7d ago

It's definitely up there, that's for sure. I've probably played through it a few hundred times since 1992!

Gaming4Life19817d ago

If you want to try a new beat em up that is really good then you should play Mother Russia Bleeds. Its really good and any fan of streets of rage will love it.

dead_pixels7d ago

I reviewed that alongside its release :D I agree, it was a really quality beat 'em up with a killer soundtrack. Love how brutal all of the weapons-based kills were. And that strip club stage is absolute insanity.

Stogz7d ago

Agreed don't know how many hours me and friends put into that game. Good times!

prankster1017d ago

Wrong. Final Fight is the best beat em up ever created.

hahaha7d ago

How could Warriors of Fate 2 and Aliens vs Predator not making to the list?

dead_pixels7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

AVP is a classic, for sure. I had the PCB years back but swapped it for Cave's Ibara. I'd love to get it back in my collection one of these days.

As good as it is, I think a lot of Capcom's other brawlers edge it. Punching Xenomorphs and Weyland Yutani thugs in the face just isn't as satisfying as leaving piles of punks and mobsters twitching on the pavement.

Chevalier7d ago

Oh man I absolutely loved AvP. It is so kinetic and with all the cool weapons and the Predator Blaster just wrecking things.

Zbombs4087d ago

Where's fighting force 1 ????????

DreadGara7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Yeah it was good, This is an opinion piece of the author, so no big worry there.
I do have totally different list in my mind... But still I like and respect the guy choice over there.

Good read & amazing list 👍
Would like to see a similar new fresh topic about shmups and side scroll shooting​ games.

7d ago
Tetsujin7d ago

Dragons Crown
XMen arcade
Captain Commando
Guardian Heroes

Surprised those didn't make the list. I still remember to this day the debates between Streets of Rage 2 or Final Fight which was better.

Last_Boss7d ago

Guardian Heroes damn straight!!

Amorist897d ago

Guardian Heroes absolutely, own it on Saturn and Xbox Live Arcade 😀

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The story is too old to be commented.