Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory Announced For PS Vita And PS4

The latest issue of the Japanese magazine V-Jump has revealed Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory for PS Vita and PS4.

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Abash433d ago

Take my money Namco, I loved Cyber Sleuth!

Antnee534433d ago

Holy shit yes Im going to finally have a reason to play my vita again, please bring to the states please!!!

CocoaBrother433d ago

Cyber Sleuth is a fantastic game; I would love it if they released the Vita version in the west.

CocoaBrother433d ago

Cyber Sleuth is released here on the Vita; I'm hoping this sequel also gets a Vita release

MeteorPanda433d ago

Ahh righto, ur comment seem like you were refering to the first game.

I will embrace the sequel on vita; multiplechoice questions that have a whole sentence cut up into a,b,c and d answers and all

I loved that game for its comical localisation

Servbot41433d ago

Cyber Sleuth was fantastic, and way better than the recent World game. Glad they are continuing the series.

Rangerman1208433d ago

Hey come on, Next Order isn't that bad. Is not perfect but what can you expect from the devs who mostly made unlocalized Gundam and Robot Taisen games?

Also, while Cyber Sleuth is great, is not 100% perfect. The hub world is empty, the english translation is laughable, lots of dungeons are reused, the missions are repetitive and there isn't a lot of interactions with the digimons.

ShadowWolf712432d ago

Eh, it was a remake of Digimon World 1, and as much as I love that game it's dated. Still, a good game, I enjoy it.

Do like Cyber Sleuth better tho. Just wish we could get a remake (or even a PSN release) of Digimon World 3.


enjoying digimon world next order but the plat is a pain lol

Minimox16433d ago

hahaha yeah im with you, those damn old cards and that i have to kill my full stats digimon to raise 200 digimon kills me :(

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The story is too old to be commented.