The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Online Trophies

Playstation Lifestyles:

Trophies are fun challenges in games, but there seems to be a universal hatred for online PlayStation trophy hunting. We explore in this week's Trophy Theory.

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fenome244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

I don't care either way, I just don't get them if they're online only. It's not like we actually get anything from them anyways. I'd definitely prefer for them to seperate the online only from the single player campaign though.

Eidolon243d ago

If you care anything about the platinum, you'll get them. But they really should separate them. Trying to platinum an old game with online trophies and dead online community sucks.

fenome243d ago

Yeah, that's pretty screwed, they should just make it so that online trophies don't count towards the Platinum.

I've never been a trophy hunter, the only two Platinums I have are from Bloodborne and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Eidolon243d ago

mann forgot, i still need to plat Boodborne, only have 3 or 4 more trophies.

Aenea244d ago

Online trophies are okay if they are obtainable after a few years, ie. just a handful that you don't need full servers for and not for every gamemode in existence.

Other trophies I'm usually not a fan of: 500+ collectibles, Speed Run and Complete game at highest difficulty. I play games on the Default difficulty and once I'm finished I rarely feel the need to play it again at a more difficult setting...

feraldrgn244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Hatred for online trophies is the same kind of hatred for online only games.
Servers aren't online forever meaning there's a deadline for how long you have access to a platinum.
Plus many online trophies are stupid, like being high in leaderboards, or hoping enough people even play online in the 1st place to help you get the trophies.

It's further frustrating if there's no way to communicate via the game, that you're aiming for a trophy.
Take Journey for example, "Sit and meditate with another player for more than 20 seconds.".

Some games remedy online requirements for trophies, like Soul Sacrifice Delta or SAO Hollow Fragment, in that you can play a wifi/ad-hoc mode on your own which is technically offline but it still allows you to get the multiplayer trophies.