Cloud Saves Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Carl Williams writes, "It seems that Nintendo has inadvertently tipped their hand with their new console, the Switch. While the console is selling well, along with Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it has had its share of problems (games not being compatible with the Pro Controller for one). Now, we have information about a possible future update to the Nintendo Switch that may be coming in a future update."

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PhoenixUp402d ago

It'd be absurd and outdated if they didn't

wonderfulmonkeyman402d ago

But the irony there is that it won't be given any credit as a step forward even if they do, simply because "it's Nintendo", "it's 2017", and " *insert name here* did it way before this, so Nintendo's bad for being late."

NotoriousWhiz402d ago

Well, they do need to get with the times. That's not deniable.

Nitrowolf2402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

Well no offense but why give them credit?

As it stands there's no way to make backup of your saves a feature that has been a standard since the PlayStation 1, the GameCube had a backup option, as did the wii and wii u. so in my opinion it really doesn't need any crediting towards nintsndo for removing a feature. Why credit them for a future that was seen in their previous consoles and even handhelds?

It's not that it just pertains 2 Nintendo because PlayStation decided to remove MP3 playback on the PS4 at launch and was added later. They got criticism for it to. This isn't just a Nintendo we can hate on them thing, when something major is missing people become vocal

402d ago
Istolla402d ago

I really hope they do this. I love my Switch to death but this omission would be bizarre.