Only 3% of 4500 GDC 2017 Devs Working on Nintendo Switch Titles

The numbers are in for GDC 2017 and the Nintendo Switch made its presence felt but not as strongly as many may have hoped for.

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Digital_Anomaly367d ago

That's exactly our thoughts on it! It might mean a slow launch year overall but that number will definitely improve as more devs get their hands on the machine.


ShadowKnight367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

All the people that's disagreeing with you is thinking negative 😅😁

20live367d ago

Even though I am thinking positively, I believe Switch hype will die down after BOTW, you may see a slight improvement but thats just it slight

zeal0us367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Well maybe those people once shared the same thought when it came to the wiiu but when next year came for the wiiu the developers jump ship.

Hard to think positive when you were fooled the first time around for a previous product.

The 10th Rider367d ago


I'm with you on that. I think Splatoon 2 is a fantastic title, but it won't lead to a ton of attention in the West (it will in Japan). It doesn't have enough of a following over here to convince most people to buy the console, it'll be more of a title that people pick up after they already own the console. Super Mario Odyssey during the holidays will put the Switch back in the spotlight, though.

rdgneoz3367d ago

People said the same with the WiiU and that had a bigger 3rd party launch than Switch... There's a difference between thinking positive and ignoring things.

GtR35olution367d ago

I keep saying that this console is rubbish because its pure cons when you analyze the thing and the support.

jznrpg367d ago

It will improve but the question is how much. I just want quality games, hope they deliver but its a wait and see outside of 1st party

Kingthrash360367d ago

MS a major console has less games releasing this year, but we will bash nintendos new console for having less devs from gdc working on a switch game.
Ok cool. always gets major passes

bf000777966367d ago

you are not positive enough, imagine a new COD and Battlefield, as well as Destiny, and GTA5, will come to switch, that's called positive.

FyBy367d ago

As I read all the posts, lot of people are negative here. Despite wii launch. My opinion is, that you can't tell if switch will be another wii or wiiu. It has potential for both. As there is momentum in hw or sw sales it's ok. It's up to Nintendo to keep this momentum over critical border, when developers will think it's good business to develop for switch . Now the momentum is there. After 6 months we will see.

PeaSFor367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

"as more devs get their hands on the machine"

its more like a wait and see situation, most dev wont spend time and ressources on the switch until they see potential buyers for their games, sure you have the die hard nintendo fans jumping on the switch asap, but is it enough?

do you really expect peoples to get blatant inferiors versions of 3rd party games that ares already well established on other plateforms?peoples dont jump ship suddently like that, the switch most attractive aspect will always blatantly be nintendo first party games, NOT 3rd party inferior version just because you have a portable console.

the switch could sell well, but it will never be what the wii was, a crazy fluke.

now guys, stop it with the "oh but but but so much negativity!thats not fair!", just be realistic and logical, no need to blindly drink the koolaid.

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-Foxtrot367d ago (Edited 367d ago )


4.5%...You "Hater" /s


Vhampir367d ago

That's still *ONLY* 180 working on games for switch.

Switch only needs a decent stream of good games. It needs a Metroid too...definitely Metroid.

Decastis367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Xbox One says the same thing since its launch: "Where are the exclusives?"..."Oh they're coming next year!"

JayPi3367d ago

The difference is the Switch is 2 weeks old vs the Xbox One being 4 years old now.

bluefox755367d ago

Yeah, but at least X1 had 3rd party games, Switch isn't going to have much of anything.

Ausbo367d ago

Xbox has had exclusives. They just release them all in the fall. And yes the PS4 will always have more exclusives since they have double the first party studios

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_-EDMIX-_367d ago

Because things got better than next year?

the fact that this is actually worse in regards to support than the Wii U is frightening and definitely something to worry about.

So it's going to get better based on what exactly? Do you have any data to show that it's going to get more support?

Based on the specs of the platform and based on what happened with the WiiU I see no evidence that this is going to get that much more support.

Nintendo's own mixed messaging with trying to keep call this a Home console is what might be hurting its support because developers might have this belief that Nintendo is working on a handheld after the switch which is going to lead them to believe that they're better off supporting the handheld than the device that Nintendo is calling a "Home console"

If the 3DS got more support than the Wii U it is plausible that developers are waiting for this other portable that Nintendo is talking about with this believe it will inevitably get more support they've basically hurt themselves but even stating that they're working on another portable.

If Nintendo seriously has another portable that they plan to release this is not going to end up any different than the Wii U.

sd11367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

In response to your reply. Firstly i am an optimist. But also lets look at the information.
4 % of developers planned to release a game on the wii u. Only 2600 developers were surveyed, compared to 4500 in the latest switch survey. This is 104 developers for wii u and 135 for switch. This is a big jump in game developers for switch.
Next the key information. The wii u gdc survey was carried out 3-4 months after the wii u had launched, giving developers more time to get kits and start work on a new game. The gdc switch survey was carried out 1 week prior to switch releasing. This gives developers less time to start work on games or check out the hardware. It has already been reported that some developers have been unable to commit as they do not yet have developers kits. I would therefore assume this figure would increase. Regardless it is a big improvement on the wii u. Plus assuming sales remain strong More developers will jump on board. But the key point is More developers were on on board before the switch released than they were 3-4 months after the wii u released. The 3 % vs 4% figure is not as it appears. I would rather 3 % of 4500 than 4% of 2600. Plus as stated its early days and could still increase.

Source regarding reference to wii u survey.

_-EDMIX-_367d ago

@sd11- big better that wii u doesn't make it equivalent to what Xbox one and PlayStation 4 are currently in regards to third-party support.

Even your information actually only shows it's slightly better by an extremely small margin then Wii U.

I'm sorry but both percentages are bad.

Dac2u366d ago

@sd11 You have to understand, the 3 & 4% are percentages of sample sizes that represent all developers that could possibly be developing for the WiiU and Switch. Whether it's 2,600, 4,500 or 2,000,0000 doesn't matter because those numbers are representations of the total number of developers. They didn't survey every possible developer that could develop for the WiiU and Switch, they just surveyed a smaller amount to get an idea of what percent would be developing for those consoles.

DarXyde367d ago

3% of 4,500 is, what, 135?

Small in the grand scheme of things, but you need only so many to succeed to show that it's a viable platform for third parties to spend resources.

That number isn't great, but I'm an optimist. We'll see how this develop.

_-EDMIX-_367d ago

Small? What we're saying is that thousands upon thousands of representatives from gaming teams decided they were not going to support this system just like they didn't support the Wii U.

So what you're telling me is those small 135 is going to somehow change the minds of thousands? I don't know did they help change the mind of people to supporting Wii U?

The time to convince developers is actually over

A developer made those exact statements for the Wii U and they actually fit the switch just as much.

It did not take developers some time to realize they are going to support PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, they are the market leaders there supporting them by default because they control the market , is where the most consumers will go in regards to their console gaming needs.

When you have stuff like PlayStation and Xbox and launching with FIFA Madden Call of Duty Battlefield Assassin's Creed etc, they do not need to question their support their support is technically default.

Dear God that you people hear yourselves? The fact that you have to say.

"to show that it's a viable platform "

Already signals that something is wrong , Sony or Microsoft don't need to do anything like that, they don't need to prove that they are, by default they've always been.

If you have to show people through other developers that your system is a viable platform you've created something that is questionable you've created something that has doubt and you've created something that is a gamble in a risk.

You've literally just confirmed that the system is not stable enough to get Day One support.

PlayStation and Xbox are. Their stability and support to developers is unquestionable, it is Nintendo that needs to be questioned and they are the ones that developers need to take a risk on , so if you're asking for other developers to show that is feasible to make money on the platform, all you're technically doing is telling us that indeed for the most part it is a matter of question.

I'm actually very surprised that most have not come to this conclusion.

Do you really think that Electronic Arts or Ubisoft or Activision or anything like that had to convince other developers that PlayStation and Xbox made sense for their Triple A development? Besides PC exactly where else were they going to bring their damn games? I want you to slowly think about what you're saying.

DarXyde366d ago



Not here to argue. Only here to clarify my position (and to bring my words into context).

First, you interpret information poorly. Developers DID NOT say they were not going to support the system. The survey specifically states that these are games currently--I emphasize, CURRENTLY-- being worked on for certain platforms. For all we know, a number of these titles could be ported later.

Am I telling you that 135 will change the minds of thousands? No. What I am saying is that, if the majority of those 135 make great games and they sell well, it's going to show other developers that third party success on Switch can be done. The switch is something of a wild card. Third party developers do see success on 3DS. Switch functions as a hybrid and will have some of those partners working on it. Who knows?

The time to convince developers is not over, especially not because N4G's EDMIX says so. Indeed, there are developers who will go nowhere near Switch, but others can be convinced. I think if demand is right and Nintendo provides some incentive, it can be done. Keep in mind that numerous sources report porting PC games to Switch would be easy. Considering PS4 and XBOX One share architectural similarities to PC, it's not out of the realm of possibility. Scaled down, yes, but the support would be there.

You talk about developers supporting PS4 and Xbox One because they're the market leaders and yet Wii was market leader last generation and the support, while not terrible, still paled. Also, consider that games sold better on Xbox 360 than PS3 and Xbox One, relative to Xbox 360, is somewhat unpopular. What I mean to say underestimate changes in consumerism. It takes a great day or an awful day to change the landscape of consumer trends. Some things remain (Xbox failing in Japan, Nintendo struggling for third party support, and people feeling screwed by Sony's highly predictable hardware revisions). Other things, not so much.

DarXyde366d ago (Edited 366d ago )


"To show that it is a viable platform" is meant to address the narrative that Nintendo consoles have little of interest. You see, developers pay attention. So, yes, *to show that it is a viable platform*, Nintendo needs great games, but from third parties. You need some who are willing to take a risk and succeed. You do that, and perhaps others will view Switch as a platform they should support. And let me add that you're either lying or uninformed: you think Sony or Microsoft don't need to do anything like that? Did you forget about Microsoft and Tales of Vesperia, Lost Odyssey, and Scalebound? Did you forget that both Sony and Microsoft really went out of their way to honeypot indies? Why? To show that their devices are viable options for those types of developers. It's not a perfect comparison, but for you to say they do NOTHING like that is ignorant. Microsoft's JRPGs are a clear attempt at market penetration to get more Japanese developers on board. That is, quite literally, synonymous with this approach. Will it work for Nintendo? Remains to be seen.

I haven't confirmed anything. Developers will likely be waiting out sales reception to see if they want to begin a new project right away, wait, or not at all. Zelda was actually a great step, their mistake being offering it on Wii U as well. Does it deserve day one support? I don't know what other developers feel. Nintendo has some shaky business practices, certainly. But who knows? Maybe they'll learn or they already have. Maybe they're doing behind the scenes negotiations. I couldn't say with certainty. Neither can you.

Not getting into it about EA, UbiSoft, and Activision. I don't have the energy or interest for that.

Disagree quietly. I don't care to make this into a full-blown debate. I realize most people on this site are simply inclined to have elaborate opinions on products they care nothing about. Is the Switch a must-have right now? No, but PS4 and Xbox One weren't during their launch windows either. The difference between members like you and members like me is the ability to see things beyond my own reasoning and consider positive outcomes because fanboys and trolls have been cancerous to what should be a humble, entertaining, all-inclusive hobby. I get it, Switch is a botch job. Gloom, doom, goodbye Nintendo. But Christ, give it time to develop. If it fails, it fails. If if thrives, it thrives. The hardware is already profitable, so there's that. Where we really disagree is that you see Nintendo as unable to adapt. I don't know that they did or didn't because I choose not to entertain "certainties" before they have a chance to prove themselves with their new hardware. You write like you have it figured out based on history, but I'm open to the idea that things may be different. That's it.

JEECE367d ago

I see what you are saying (devs weren't working on games due to low expectations, and now that switch is selling so well, they are going to start working on stuff) but I question if the strong sales can continue long enough before those games that they'd start on now will actually launch. I love mine as a device, but after Zelda I don't know what I'm going to do (AAA-wise, I know there are solid Indies) for awhile, and I know of very little after Odyssey.

sd11367d ago

No need. Think about the numbers. 3% of 4500 is 135 individual developers. Some are making multiple games. So at launch thats over 135 games being developed. Thats pretty good. Since this survey switch has launched and strong sales will see more people hop on board.

Also i read another article stating a few developers were interested in making games but couldn't get the developer kit.

_-EDMIX-_367d ago (Edited 367d ago )


When PlayStation 4 was announced Sony confirmed that they had well over a thousand plus independent games being developed for the PlayStation 4.

Buddy that was simply just independent , that wasn't even with Publisher's included.

This is actually just like on the Wii U how to poll taken and developers stated in the same conference that 4% were interested in making Wii U games.

My biggest problem with your bizarre optimism is you're not even looking towards the past to understand the future.

The same exact poll was taken on the Wii U and it showed 4%.

The wii selling 100 million units did not net it the major Resident Evil or Mass Effect or metal gear solid or Final Fantasy or Battlefield or Assassin's Creed or any of the major properties of that time.

So basically what you're telling me is history has proven this to be incorrect but for this situation it's going to be a different story?


If developers aren't making an effort to get the development kit doesn't that sort of tell you all you need to know?

Can you help me understand how the switch is different then the Wii U regarding how Developers are seeing it in regards to their intention to support it? From 4% to 3% is not showing an increase it in fact a decrease.

Can you help me understand call this system selling more will increase its support if the Wii U sold a hundred million but still actually locked major third-party Triple-A support.

For your post to make sense you actually have to explain those two things.

I'm not even saying you're wrong I'm simply saying prove your actual Post and help us understand where you're coming from with these assumptions.

If I could have data to disprove your post, I seriously believe you could have data to prove it.

XanderZane367d ago

3% of 4500 is what, 135 developers? I think it was actually less then that for the Wii U. My main issues with the Switch was:
1. Not enough quality exclusives at launch (Zelda: BoTW and....)
2. Not enough 3rd party support for the first year (Anyone see the reveal? Most of the 3rd party developers who planned to support the Switch had nothing to show at the reveal.)
3. Too many problems with the system at launch.
4. Will this be another Wii U that starts strong and then fades into oblivion over the next 2 years.

I want to be positive about the Switch, but it's really a wait and see what happens type of system right now.

sd11367d ago

You are correct it was less on the wii u. They had 4% of 2600 developers on board ( 104) and this survey was done 3-4 months after the wii u launched, usually when more developers start to announce their intentions. Switch had 3 % of 4500 developers, 30+ additional developers commiting prior to the launch of the console.
For me i hope it succeeds, i also think it will, but if not then i have other consoles to use.

BIGBOSS08366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

I don't think it'll be as bad as wii u but I don't see how it'll be much better either. How do you sell a console with no games? There's going to months between big releases. What are people supposed to play whilst they wait for the next big game? Without good 3rd party support, there just won't be enough games for the system. Looking forward to seeing how Nintendo handle the switch going forward.

Artemidorus367d ago

Yeah check back for something like 5%

Tear111367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Maybe next year we'll see exclusives for Xbox.
And I hop from Switch an Epic fail so next time they make a real console like Scorpio or Pro not an old gen console , and a better network ( download an app on your phone so you can enjoy the party chat!! , or free game playable for 1 month only and it is very old games 😑 )

kangolkyle367d ago

Lol the amount of disagrees on a comment as innocuous as this shows you where the bias of this site is

Igihara367d ago

Nintedrones told me to do that with the Indii U. Never again

ShadowWolf712367d ago

Funny. People said the same thing about the last survey. Now the Wii U is dead, most of its games are being moved to the Switch, and that number has still only risen from 5% Wii U, 1% Switch... to 3% Switch.

Realms367d ago

LOL. Blind fanboyism is keeping you from seeing reality, which is that a LOT of developers will wait and see how much support the Switch will get. Many people don't know or have convietly forgotten Nintendo's past in which they screwed over third party developers specially small independent ones.

BIGBOSS08366d ago

The more time passes the more weak the switch will seem. Next year, devs will be concentrating more on the ps4 pro and xbox Scorpio.

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discobastard367d ago

😂 reminded me of the old Sega Genesis ads in American comics I used to buy as a kid "Sega does what Nintendont" Still would love a switch mind you

PlayStation_5367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

"A Measly 5% of Developers Say They're Working on Wii U Games" (01/29/16)

So apparently almost half the developers that were working on Wii U games last year just suddenly bailed on Nintendo this year after the Switch was released. Gee, I wonder why... : P'

sd11367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Thats still less developers. 5% of 2000 asked meant 100 developers on board.

The link below shows they asked 2600 and got 4% or 104 developers. So it barely increased by asking more. This was also post launch when more developers usually announce their intentions.

On switch they asked 4500 and got 135 (3%) developers saying they are working on games. This is also prior to launch and would usually see an increase as many wouldn't have access to kits etc.

367d ago
DEEBO367d ago

Not too happy to hear that but Nintendo needs to let me bring my digital downloads from my Wiiu to the switch.

XanderZane367d ago

Good luck with that. Only Microsoft is doing that with the XBox 360 to the XBox One/Scorpio. I wish I could move all my PS3 digital games to the PS4. That would be awesome. I wouldn't hold my with anything Wii U coming to Switch without you having to pay for it.

trooper_366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

That's something I can agree with Xander. I have UNIB and Sengoku Basata Sumeragi on my PS3 and I wish I could play them on my PS4.

PhoenixUp367d ago

You more major developers say they're interested in the console than actually supporting it

kevnb367d ago

How many Japanese devs were there?