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A perfect example of open world design executed poorly

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100d ago
dauntingcookie99d ago

All I want them to do is patch the strict nat bs.

Psychotica99d ago

That score is way to low..

toddybad99d ago

In you OPINION. IN the author's OPINION, it isn't. It's his/her article.


Totally agree. I'm just dispointed that he didn't enjoy it as much as I have... Already got 24 hours in it...

Still not close to being done!

ecchiless99d ago

of course is his opinion, LOL

Pro_TactX99d ago

Obviously Psychotica is expressing an opinion. That is the entire point of this comment section. No one needed you to explain that. I agree, the score is way too low.

You act as if all opinions are equal. They aren't. To paraphrase Douglas Adams, some opinions are more well supported by facts and reason than others.

UKmilitia99d ago

i think it is too,im having alot of fun with my mate on it,few bugs and shit and the transport needs fixing to say the least lol but the fun is there

99d ago
mark3214uk99d ago

best game ive played in a while so i disagree with the scrore

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