PS3 Fanboy review: WipEout HD

PS3 Fanboy: There's been a lot of buzz around WipEout HD. The headlines of the game's epilepsy-inducing delay, combined with its genuinely good looks have created the perfect environment for hype to thrive. The long-delayed futuristic racer is the PlayStation franchise's first foray into the current generation, and it looks absolutely stunning. The bargain basement price point of $20 makes it an easy purchase, especially for those on the fence.

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UNCyrus3501d ago

Doesn't matter though.... Still a day-one purchase.

Hahhah, look at me, I'm complaining about an 8/10... that's sad

Drekken3501d ago

I dont think they have ever been much of a PS3 fan either.

BrotherNick3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Blah blah, they said something negative about your game, they're anti-sony now :P silly. The only thing that I don't like about wipeout is weapons...I don't like weapons in futuristic racers. I like the game a lot though.

TheColbertinator3501d ago

Good review.Though I wonder what Game Informer thinks about it

UNCyrus3501d ago

oh Steven... forever the patriot, are you really counting on G.I. to give you something other than spam?

TheColbertinator3501d ago

Yes and I will accept it as truth

Panthers3501d ago

Ill take IGN as truth. The only site I trust anymore.

PirateThom3501d ago

I can't get it until Friday, so 3 DAYS for me.

I don't mind the single day wait, though. I know it's going to rock face.

remanutd553501d ago

i'll be getting it this thursday

Karum3501d ago

Day 1 purchase

Review was a decent read and had some good info on what to expect.

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The story is too old to be commented.