Nier: Automata's PC port is playable, but disappointing

It's locked to 60 fps, for one thing.

The official minimum specs call for a GeForce GTX 770, and that should run it. But regardless of GPU, holding a steady 60 fps at high settings is apparently an issue, as players on Steam are reporting sub-60 framerates even with better cards. Our own test with a GTX 1080 earned us a stable 60 fps even at 1440p, so it's unclear what the bottleneck is.

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ShadowKnight398d ago

Probably wasn't optimize that well on PC. Might need a patch update

Stapleface398d ago

Some of these devs..make a great game but can't optimize for shit. Makes no sense.

Asuka398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

Japanese developers don't normally do pc gaming. They have been making the transition over the last couple of years, but its gonna take time. Most of these developers make games for console or mobile only. For example i dont think Platinum has released a pc game before, and From Software has only recently started releasing games on pc with their souls games, and DS1 was far from perfect on pc.

Whereas western developers have been making games for pc for quite awhile now

piroh398d ago


Well, consoles was always a majority not only for Platinum, look at GTA, Destiny and other yankee games. Just enjoy Nier or wait for a patch. I highly recommend the game.

freshslicepizza398d ago


gta V ended up being great on pc and used its extra resources, it just came out later. lots of japanese developers simply port over console versions to the pc.

djplonker398d ago (Edited 398d ago )


"Look at gta, destiny and other yankee games."

Every main entry in the gta series was developed in scotland.

Red dead redemption was made by an american studio and it did not get a pc port.

Aenea398d ago

PS4 and Pro versions run great tho!


shauzy398d ago

@Asuka DS1 was locked on 30fps when it released on pc

_-EDMIX-_398d ago


"For example i dont think Platinum has released a pc game before,"

? who said Platinum did this port or transition to PC? Is it even confirmed that this is being handled by in-house development or outsourced?

Btw, Platinum games did a portion of this game as well as the original team that created the first.

2 teams, not 1.

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ocelot07398d ago

It's Platinum games they very rarely release PC games. Will most likely take a patch or 2 to optimize it.

Deep-throat398d ago

This is their fifth game on PC.

ocelot07398d ago

So not a lot then. There first only being 4 years ago.

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_-EDMIX-_398d ago

Has anyone been able to confirm that they are the ones that are doing the port to PC?

HeisenbergX398d ago

It's such a shame that this game has technical problems on all platforms because the game is brilliant and i'm totally in love with it .. the framerate stutters on ps4 are unbearable at some areas and it really really bothers me.

i'm hopping to god they fix this ! then the game will be a true masterpiece IMO.

Sokol398d ago

What frame rate issues on PS4? You mean it drops from 60fps to 54fps on occasion?

I'm on the Pro so i haven't noticed any issues. As for the pc I have Gtx 970 and the game runs great.

HeisenbergX398d ago

No man i'm talking about the insufferable stuttering and of course it can drop pretty badly too .. well i'm playing on the base Ps4 and it is very noticeable and bad sometimes :(

I also heard the Pro has issues with this as well .

Don't have a Pc.

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