GG on Creating Horizon's Iconic Aloy and Keeping a Really High Level of Ambition for Quality's Sake

Guerrilla Games talked about the challenges in making an iconic lead character like Aloy in their open world action RPG, Horizon: Zero Dawn.

The Narrative Writer also praised the developer's ability to have a high level of ambition to create a quality product.

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Festano124d ago

I love Aloy's imperfections, she's still cute and a lot more believable than your average female protagonist.

fromchildren123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

She is ugly, even Ellie(The Last of Us) is cuter in comparison but both are ugly.
Even some side characters look better.

morganfell123d ago

Well they were smart enough to think about her human qualities before they catered to schoolboy fantasies.

Know how I avoid shallow crappy TV shows and movies? When I see a poster for the the production and the people all look like models.


Or they are models putting on glasses and then pretending to be nerds. And inevitably those flashy model shows are cancelled halfway through the season.

GTgamer123d ago

@morganfell you basically targeted all of CW's shows but I'm with you on that stance.

UCForce123d ago

Well, that's just your opinion.

UCForce124d ago

I'm glad GG took time to develop Aloy in first place.

KaiPow124d ago

Their dedication to quality really shows. Horizon turned out to be everything I wished FC Primal could've been!

Phil32124d ago

It's amazing how GG went from Killzone to this. I'm excited to get the game from the library next week!

Alexious124d ago

True, though Killzone was always a bit underrated. I liked both Killzone 2 and Shadow Fall.

SolidStateSnake123d ago

KZ2 got high praise by everyone. KZ3 was good as well, but Shadow fall showed it was a launch title. It would probably be much better if they got the time.

Chris_Wray124d ago

I can't praise Guerilla enough over Horizon. Aloy is a fantastic character, and actually more realistic than 99% of all other characters in gaming history. She has real motivations, makes realistic decisions and has a driving reason for heading out alone as she does. The world is also fantastically detailed with a rich lore and history.

Pintheshadows123d ago

I don't think it's just Aloy either. Sylens is such a great character that fits so well in this world.

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The story is too old to be commented.