Developers only need to submit one version of a game on Switch for the entire world

The region-free nature of Switch not only has benefits for gamers, but developers as well. SteamWorld Dig 2 maker Image & Form revealed in a Reddit AMA yesterday that the team is only required “to submit one version of the game for the entire world”.

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Cupofjoe244d ago

Just not true you still need language localization or noone in states will know what there playing

Jman2244d ago

Localisation of language is handled via XML usually, this means only 1 version is required. Can detected region based on system. Settings and use that to plug the right data into the game. Store localisation may require additional steps.

ChickeyCantor244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

That's not the problem and XML is just one format( they could use any format for storing data ). It comes down to "context sensitivity", not so much how people will feel but how it translate from one language to another. Which takes a bit of time.

Smaller games are probably fine, bigger games requires more time.

Then there are cultural things you have to keep in mind. What works for Japan doesn't necessarily work for the west ( religious implications, jokes, art, whatever).

OrangePowerz243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

That's a very simplified look at it. First of all if you can't fit everything into one version you will need to make more versions and need to submit all of them. After all you need to pack in all the audio files and for a normal game that can be a lot of data and from the rumours the cartridges aren't cheap so you want to keep using the smallest ones possible. How it is handled doesn't matter, what matters is how much data you have and how much space available. That's fine for a game like SteamWorld Dig because you don't really have anything in the way of audio files and I'm not sure that the Switch would be the first console to do that.

As Chickey mentioned you might also have different versions geared towards specific regions like Homefront had everything about North Korea removed for Japan and that requires it's own version. I would imagine for those things that this won't be a factor a lot for Switch games given their target audience and the games that will come out for it.

porkChop244d ago

You can have all of the localization files in one version, if you have the space for it. As Jman2 started, you can have the game set to auto-detect the system language and use that by default. Many EA games also used to let you select the language before loading the game.

243d ago
OrangePowerz243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

I would imagine that's just partially correct. Region free isn't new, but if you can't fit everything into one version (as example if you buy a Japanese version of most games it's only Japanese and best case scenario it has English as well but no other languages) you will need to submit more than one version because you have to make more than one version.

Jman2243d ago

For the digital version only 1 will be required if switch has developed there platform properly. Other platforms allow you to add all the audio files as packages which will be downloaded specifically depending on the users location. For example someone who sets there platform as Japanese will have the Japanese audio files downloaded with there executable file. This keeps the size down as only the required files are downloaded.

OrangePowerz243d ago

That's not how it works in general. What's on the store and is being downloaded is what you would submit. If you would have some sort of language packs you would need to submit them separately as some sort of DLC.

IAmLoki243d ago

Nintendo playing the right cards from day 1. Making game development easier than ever and this. The future is so exciting with Nintendo Switch.