Fastest way to hunt goose/geese in Horizon Zero Dawn

Game Idealist: "The goose is one of the most elusive animals to hunt down in Horizon Zero Dawn."

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Noxrest364d ago

Danm goose skin, the way i got it is with the box merchant in meridian, there is one box that you can buy that contains meat and animal stuff.

Wallstreet37364d ago

some towns have geese in a closed off area you can just go in and kill. I'm just having a little trouble finding enough rabbits :)

PsylentKiller364d ago

The desert area has a bunch of rabbits.

I had trouble with rats until I saw someone posted the place where Aloy fell when she was a child. Finally was able to fully upgrade my bolt capacity after I beat the game. But it was nice to have when I went back in for the platinum. This game is amazing. Can't wait for the sequel.

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inmusicutrust364d ago

What do you need to hunt them for? I'm level 25ish and just went went to the quarry, but I've upgraded all my pouches to their max levels and never needed anything for geese.

Shinkus364d ago

You're going to discover new weapon types which will then unlock their respective pouches. You only need it for like 1 pouch I think. Can't remember which it is

joab777364d ago

Yeah. I've just killed any I see when scanning. About 25 or so and had what I needed.

uth11364d ago

I found some geese in a village, but I shot them and nothing happened. I assumed they weren't meant for hunting

SweetLeafSmoker364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Animals within the actual village limits can't be hurt. You have to make sure it says "exited settlement" or whatever.

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Kallisti364d ago

Was looking at my stats earlier today and I've only killed one.