Super Mario Run is officially coming to Android on March 23

In addition, Nintendo is making a version 2.0 update of Super Mario Run available for both iOS and Android platforms on March 23.

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masterfox184d ago

Wouldn't be a good idea to release this into the Switch already? I mean these people has nothing good to play besides Zelda and also the Switch is a touch screen and it has a gyroscope build in, is good to see how great Nintendo forward thinking is. lol.

_-EDMIX-_184d ago


More money to be made on Android. Large market, by like...almost billions.

Perjoss184d ago

There are actually quite a few games on the switch with good reviews. I wont list them because you know how to use google search.

nowitzki2004184d ago

That defeats the purpose of trolling,

Summons75184d ago

Eshop has a nice collection going and over 100 games announced for year 1 still to come but sure one more game wouldn't kill anyone.

CDbiggen184d ago

That reminds me, i haven't played the fire emblem phone game yet...