Why Breath of the Wild is the future of blockbuster games

And Horizon Zero Dawn is an ode to the past.

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2pacalypsenow458d ago

Lol the fact that they have to include Horizon zero Dawn says all I need to know about this article...

Deep-throat458d ago

Dunno why they did bro. Zelda BOTW is too great to be compared to HZD.

2pacalypsenow458d ago

Hey you entitled to your opinion.. Grey fox..

Rimeskeem458d ago

What are you going to say if Persona 5 beats BOTW in meta score?

Deep-throat457d ago


That would be great! Two masterpieces in one year.

moegooner88457d ago

Dunno why they did bro. HZD is too great to be compared to BOTW.

Opinions are awesome aren't they :)

guyman457d ago

Just delete your account, deep-throat. You're the most laughable fanboy on this site. Horizon zero dawn is a masterpiece and it's a fact that hurts you. 2.6 million copies sold, 89 metascore. I cant exactly say how good Zelda is because I havent played it but both games are great in their own right

UCForce457d ago

Every your opinions sound like more a statement than normal opinion to be honest. "Sigh" I really getting annoyed by this.

milkshake2457d ago

Dunno why they did bro. HZD is too great to be compared to BOTW.
Go back to what you know best, deep-throating!

mcstorm457d ago

I love how people keep going on about how much better horizon is over Zelda or the other way round. Come on people we have 2 master peaces of games buy the game you want and respect the one you don't. Both Nintendo and Sony have given us 2 games that will go down in history as being one of the best. Zelda dose something better than horizon and horizon dose some thing's better than Zelda it really is that simple.

Defiantmac457d ago

Nobody should care if Persona beats Zelda in Metacritic score BECAUSE THAT MEANS WE GET ANOTHER GOOD GAME.

Good lord you people. You act like you get commision for how your favorite console does in regards to their stupid review scores.

PLAYWATCH76456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

What is wrong with you? You're like a biased politician who is loyal to their party no matter what, except in this case it's in video games. I don't think I ever read you say anything nice about Playstation. Why don't you try Horizon? You might like it.

MagicBeanz456d ago

One day you'll have to enlighten me Deep-throat on how it is you get away with endlessly trolling on this site, I've been banned for saying a lot less then you do and no where near as much as you say it, you'll have to enlighten me as to your tick.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen456d ago

How in the hell can BOTW be the future when it's being made with hardware that's 10 years old?

BIGBOSS08456d ago

How would you know? You haven't played either game because you only own an xbox one.

bluefox755456d ago

"masterpieces" don't struggle to maintain 30fps.

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Erik7357458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

I think its imature to compare them and they are both good games.

Seriously, its obviouse to see the pro sony fanboy roots on this site when you see people like foxtrot not just like not careing about the game but actually going out of his way to bash it and say its not good and just got the score becauses it's "Zelda". Really silly and ridiculose.

But i hate it when people on this site bash the game because it got so many 10s and this Zelda really is THAT good.....

-Foxtrot458d ago

"I think its imature to compare them and they are both good games"

You compare them all the time though when you go on about how "Zelda beats Horizon" and then you say it's immature but go on the way you do towards people with your replies

The thing is you and the same bunch keep going on about how god damn"amazing" the new Zelda is but never, ever in your first comment unless being asked do you tell people WHY it's so good. Even when you do you list features which have been done so many times in open world games if not better. At this point it's like "It's good because...Zelda".

Erik7357458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

It does new things by being just more fun. Like lightning hitting your sword, fire having effects on players able to go up in sky, having a connection with your horse, etc.

Just a bunch of things togeather that I have never seen in a game.

Who spends their time and energy talking about negativity of a game SOOO MUCHH ? A fanboy whether they played another game or not

Rippcity457d ago

Idk what the entire industry sees in BotW. Like it's definitely a good game don't yet me wrong, but I can't play it for more than like 2 hours at a time cause it's so damn bo0o0o0ring! It's like find a high spot, mark a few shrines and towers, go there, do a puzzle, rinse and repeat. The combat is shallow and not very engaging, the story is basically the same as every other Zelda game, I mean shit I don't mean to be that guy but Horizon is leaps and bounds a better game and there's a lot of stuff that Horizon could have done so much better. People definitely have some foggy ass nostalgia goggles on playing BotW because, although it's a great game, it does not deserve all the 10s it got. And for what it's worth I'd give Horizon about an 8 and I loved it but looking at it objectively I think there were a lot of missed opportunities with it.

trooper_457d ago

Zelda beats Horizon...IN YOUR OPINION.

Just stop.

_-EDMIX-_456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

@Erik- "It does new things by being just more fun. Like lightning hitting"

Stand back sounds like someone never played Final Fantasy 10!! Lol 😂😂😂

JackStraw456d ago

Just because you haven't played a game that does the things BoTW does doesn't mean they're new. I don't know why it's so hard for people to understand that.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen456d ago

No one is bashing the game itself @Erik7357. People are merely challenging the assertion that this new game is "the future" when it runs on hardware that's comparable to a 2 or 3 year old smartphone. The article and it's premise are ridiculous.

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uth11457d ago

let me get this straight-- the 30 year old franchise that has been milked to death is the future? And the brand new IP is an ode to the past?

um yeah, whatever

UCForce457d ago

I always think new ip is better than established franchise because it feel fresh in my opinion. I know Zelda series always start a non canon story, but it feel repetitive because Link have to recuse princess and protect the people which to me is just overuse. I can say the same thing about Pokemon, you wake up in the bed and ready to become pokemon champion over and over again. "Sigh" Also, this is non topic but remember how people piss about Ash from Pokemon show who almost became Pokemon champion, but got lose again. Yeah, that also an overuse story.

457d ago
_-EDMIX-_457d ago


I think it's hilarious that the game that's supposedly supposed to be the future is also the game that has to take the majority of its features from games from the past 10 years.

Tear111457d ago

Because they are Nintendo fan boy or they took a lot of money from Nintendo.

_-EDMIX-_457d ago

"if Zelda can trade rigid dungeons for open-world freedom"

I'm not sure why the author feels it needs to be an either/or

I was actually greatly disappointed with the four main Dungeons in breath of the wild there might be the worst dungeons in the Zelda series.

456d ago
BEASELY456d ago

They included it before you guys inevitably did.

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annoyedgamer458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

Who owns the verge? Its layout looks suspicious like a subsidiary of Vox media.

Nvm it is owned by Vox. Go figure.

chrisx458d ago

Breathe of the wild is Not the future of blockbuster games

Deep-throat458d ago

BOTW is very important to gaming. It adapted some Emergent gameplay ideas.

Blockbuster games nowadays = all graphics shallow cinematic, thrill rides

nowitzki2004456d ago


Most people will tell you Videogames are for kids. Still gonna be able to enjoy Videogames?

-Foxtrot458d ago

God tell me about's the past

There's hardly ANYTHING in BotW that hasn't been done before in other open world games where they've done it better.

Oh but have Zelda slapped on the box and it's a totally different story.

Erik7357458d ago Show
-Foxtrot458d ago

I've played it. Brother bought the Wii U version. I told you this when you harassed me constantly in PMs

What is your deal? I mean really, you reply to anything which even seems like Nintendo related criticism. Unless going off your Master Chief avatar and the like you are an Xbox die hard which is using Zelda to try and downplay PS4 games as the Xbox hasn't really had anything out lately.

Then you go and say the same bloody thing you've been saying to everyone on these types of articles who doesn't over praise the game like you..."bu bu but I bet you've got a PS4"

Like I said again in a PM to you who doesn't have a PS4 these days, suddenly you can't own more then one console. I just...I really don't get you at all. It's becoming a little sad man.

Odoylerules000457d ago

@Foxtrot... wow... he PM'd you about it. Wtf why?

Stronk457d ago

You know what's sad? You commenting on abselutely every BotW article SEVERAL TIMES whitout having played it (and don't say that you've played it, unless you find a way to delete to your comment history) all while being in abselute denial of how this is the greatest game in years. You literally say the same thing every time you post something about BotW... Wow, very impressive. BotW will be talked about for years to come, and i can't wait to see your shallow excuses when the BotW GOTY articles come up later this year. (hopefully you've come up with some decent critizing for the game at that point, instead of saying the same thing over and over again).

-Foxtrot457d ago


Yeah he's been doing it to a few people on here. Just basically continuing what he's doing on here, he wants to argue that your opinion dosen't match his.


Shut up? Yeah how mature...I'll skip past this one thank you


I don't understand your comment.

"(and don't say that you've played it, unless you find a way to delete to your comment history)"


I've played it, I didn't buy it but I've played it. He buys one game I buy another then we swap...saves money.


I find it funny the people defending BotW are so god damn immature and will unload on you personal attacks and arrogant, smug ignorant comments. Yet the people who just say how it's overrated, not even calling the quality of the game just say it without attacking other fans in the same way unless provoked.

fonger08457d ago

We get it, you dislike the game. The overwhelming majority love it, and that's really all there is to say about it.

-Foxtrot457d ago


I don't dislike it because it's a "bad" game. I dislike it because it shows the horrible double standards of reviews where they could nit pick one game to death and then another give it the best treatment possible. The game has been shown to have problems and the things it does do are nothing special, yet it's treat like it's revolutionary.

Besides you can keep singling me out but there are a lot of people on here and off that think exactly the same.

Why it is it you guys can blindly praise the game on here yet you tell others to shut up when you see an opinion that you don't like. Just like reviews...double standards. One thing you guys have in common.

fonger08457d ago

@foxtrot again your opinion, nothing wrong with it. But the majority or reviewers, gamers, and even high profile developers would disagree.

maybelovehate457d ago

I disagree about it being the past. As far as open world games go, it raised the bar big time. The gameplay is so unique in its physics based setup. You can basically do anything you can imagine using the weather plus your weapon abilities such as creating wind and mixing it with fire and then using an item you found that combusts with these elements. Etc. It is crazy. You can also approach bosses and enemies in so many ways because of this. The boss fights remind me of Bloodborne except with so many different abilities and elements to use to change the landscape of the fight.

UCForce457d ago

Now that is good logical opinion that I have to agree with you.

_-EDMIX-_457d ago

@Erik-your post are border lining harassment in your private messages pretty much are what we would Define as harassment.

You need to understand that lots of people that have this view about the game have seen enough of it to form their opinion , please stop coming in with this you must own it to understand it.

"99% of people saying what you say just have a ps4."

Except some of the people having these issues on the game and have even streamed their issues with the game.

A friend of mine that's looking to 100% the game actually owns several of the world records for several Zelda games.

He agrees with the majority of my assessment about the game in regards to with borrowed features.

He does not like the frame rate issues and believes that warrants a point being taken away. He does not like the way that game controls in that link actually no longer has his roll. He does not believe that with the games production and lack of voice acting by link and many other characters for that matter, that it should be receiving a perfect score.

I'm sorry but the majority of what this game is doing has already been done by other games so it is extremely difficult for somebody to pose an argument about it setting a standard for open world games or really any game if the game itself is not even bringing features that are unique or brand new to gaming or the genre.

You're basically saying you subjectively like a game a lot therefore it is actually a specific standard.

That is really not how that works.

Using Zelda as an example the game was one of the first open world games of its time it objectively did something that many games were not able to achieve in the same time frame there for it set a standard by an objective fact.

The fact that you in many other users have this extremely hard time making a significant a list of features to show how this is actually the standard for open world games now is actually quite humorous, your own lack of examples only further proves that you only believe this based on your bias and like for the game.

Could I not say the same thing about OverWatch despite it borrowing its entire core concept from Team Fortress 2?

trooper_457d ago

Wow @ Erik.

Are you serious right now?

Oh noes, someone doesn' like a Zelda game!!?!

Harassment is considered a crime. Just letting you know that.

game4funz456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

Right... Such as? It will be
1st an opinion
2nd debatable.

Seen your comment about how people don't ever say what it does so great

But you never say why it isn't. I can tell by many comments here that people who like to assume they've played actually haven't. Especially when they go on about how it's about rescuing Zelda... Which it isn't. It makes me laugh

BG11579456d ago

I got a lot of friends that didn't like the Zelda series, but are loving this version.
I was wondering why it was. The answer came one of my friends mouth, "It didn't look like any Zelda before, it was more like a Darksouls game". From that, I've researched my list of friend comparing the liking between the two games, it seems to hold. The base mechanics of this Zelda is Souls, well a souls Zelda type of game.
So when I'm reading articles about on how this Zelda is the example to follow or the future of blockbusters, I say nay, go play other games before stating things like that !!

JackStraw456d ago

@Erik I own it and agree with Foxtrot, which says a lot considering I have disagreed with most of the things he's said on this site over the years.

bluefox755456d ago

He's PM'd me once too. Defending Xbox on behalf of Moldy.

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stuna1458d ago

Ha ha, oh wait this was serious ?/s

If people can't see that the nostalgia of Zelda is what's driving people to make articles like this, I fear for the industry as a whole. Opinions are fine and all, but people are making it out that the wheel has been re-invented! Which sadly is not the case.

One thing that's obvious though is Nintendo is stuck 30 years in the past, and so are many of their supporters/fans.

porkChop458d ago

Do you own Breath of the Wild? Have you played it?

2pacalypsenow458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

I have and I agree with him, its a great Zelda game. But they are acting like its redefining every single genre out there, it doesn't. It's redefining the Zelda games.

Want a good story? MGS4
Want to cook? Skyrim
Want to carry shields? Skyrim
Want a massive map? Skyrim
Want to climb trees? Zelda BOTW

porkChop458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

If you've played the game and don't like it, or don't think it's quite as good as others say, that's perfectly fine.

But if someone hasn't played the game, they really aren't qualified to say it's all just "nostalgia". If someone passes judgement on a game they haven't even played, their words are meaningless.

That's all I'm saying. There's nothing wrong with criticizing the game, or not liking it. That's why I simply asked if they had played the game yet.

And I'm not in any way saying that Zelda is the future of gaming, so I don't want people assuming anything.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory458d ago

Zelda had shields since OoT
Zelda BotW map is x10 larger than Skyrim
Zelda BotW has better cooking mechanics

Trez1234457d ago

I have it, love it and a big zelda fan but yes, it takes what other games have done before and in most cases , it does it better.

DrumBeat456d ago

I've played the video game. It's a video game, not the Ark of the Covenant. It's a good video game, and nothing more. This isn't genre redefining. It's simply a very good game, but it's only that, and honestly, this level of fandom is getting bizarre, with people claiming that it's a multiplayer game because you can share your unique puzzle solving skills with others. I'm simply shocked at how blown out of proportion this has become.

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PhoenixUp458d ago

Ocarina of Time had a major impact on 3D action adventure games.

There's nothing about Breath of the Wild that makes it a dramatic trendsetter in this genre or the industry.

wonderfulmonkeyman457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

I dunno, man: the climbing mechanic, speed aside, feels so much better than any other AAA open world game I've played simply because literally everything outside of shrines is a handhold you can scale with.
Not even Assassin's Creed pulled that off, and you know how much Ubisoft loves its tower climbing.XD

WeAreLegion457d ago

Nope. inFamous had better climbing mechanics.

wonderfulmonkeyman457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

@ Legion
As someone who owned and loved the first two, no, they did not.
Climbing was still pretty limited in those games compared to BotW. Powers made things far more manageable.
It also did breakable weapons in a way few other games can match.

_-EDMIX-_457d ago

Except the climbing mechanics in this game were actually taken from Shadow of the Colossus a game that released in 2005, even right down to the stamina gauge in regards to grips.

Is it done better in this game? Absolutely.

But it actually doesn't make the mechanics revolutionary in that sense it's actually makes them evolutionary the Shadow of the Colossus.

That's like saying Skyrim is revolutionary because of its size and regards to being an open world game yet ignoring Ocarina of Time.

Ocarina of Time revolutionize the concept titles like Skyrim clearly evolutionized it , there's a huge substantial difference.

Unless you're prepared to say every game that is mimicked the Zelda series over the last 25 years we're Revolutionary War than the original Zelda.

Because I'm having a very hard time of someone trying to pretend as if this feature is revolutionary despite it actually copying a feature from a game that released the twelve years ago.

Mind you because of your comment history, i believe people are going to have an extremely hard time believing that it feels better than anything that's ever released, I don't even think you play other games that don't have Nintendo on the cover.

457d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

"Mind you because of your comment history, i believe people are going to have an extremely hard time believing that it feels better than anything that's ever released, I don't even think you play other games that don't have Nintendo on the cover."
You want proof? Because I can take pictures of my copies of Ar Tonelico 1 and 2 and post them to Facebook in a few hours if that's what it'll take to shut your slanderous ass up.
That or I can list the none-Nintendo games I own on Wii U alongside what I have for both PS3 and PS2 in text, whichever floats your leaky boat.

_-EDMIX-_456d ago

@wonder- stick to the topic buddy actually reply based on the topic I'm not sure why every time someone best you you randomly go off topic to avoid the subject.


wonderfulmonkeyman456d ago

First you end your comment with an off-topic bash aimed at my game preferences, then when I call you out on it you try to tell me to stay on topic?
Do you even recognize just how much of a hypocritical asshole that makes you? lol, I'm so done with you on this. Don't even bother responding, just keep your tail tucked and go troll someone who gives a damn.XD

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PhoenixUp457d ago

Yet we've seen so many expansive open worlds by now that BotW's still doesn't seem so groundbreaking.

In 1998, there was a time when we didn't see so many vast worlds in many games. It wasn't as much in abundance as it is now, so when OoT released it was a lot more impactful.

Think of it as the law of diminishing returns. The first one time is amazing, but no matter how many times that experience is iterated and improved upon it's impossible to recapture that first experience.

Another accurate example would be comparing Super Mario 64's and the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey's impact on 3D games.

Nu457d ago

1. Shortest tutorial in franchise history.
2. No handholding.
3. I bet climbable environments not just buildings will become a mechanic in some other open world games.
Zelda has better more realistic physics than alot of other AAA titles. Don't believe me check out this clip.

Perjoss457d ago

You're wasting your time, most of the 'gamers' around here hate Nintendo and BotW because it kind of stole Horizon's thunder with its amazng reviews. The smarter ones play both and enjoy 2 of the most well crafted games to come out this gen.