New Book - Moral Combat - Talks about Video Games and Violence

For years scientists, psychologists, and parents have expressed their worry that video games are causing real-life violence. But what is the truth?

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johndoe11211609d ago

Will probably pick this up. Thanks for bringing this book to our attention.

Gh05t609d ago

Wait! So they know the 100% factual truth! Regardless of what other studies or papers other "psychologists" have done. Those are all "wrong" because these two said so?

Please don't misunderstand me, one of my University papers was basically along this same line but by doing that paper I had to do research into a good dozen peer reviewed studies and papers and there is definitely no clear "truth" and probably never will be. There are just too many variables in life, but one of them is violence in gaming and the question is how big of a change does this variable make and the answer always will be that it depends on the person consuming it.

If you think it's 0% you haven't actually done or read the research that has been done. There are people who dedicate there lives to the art of killing and making killers I don't mean just Joe blow military people I mean the ones who make the programs that are used to train/teach others, these people use videos and games to desensitize the "reaction" of commiting violence. It doesn't in any significant way lead people to commit the acts but it sure does help in the moments after to do it again when the person doesn't have the feeling of remorse or shock of the action just committed.

609d ago
TheCommentator609d ago

Can video games influence somebody who's mentally unstable in some way? Absolutely. So can stress from work, lack of sleep, or any number of things. Maybe we should all rally against jobs because they cause undue stress that can lead to violent outbursts? Maybe we should rally against cheap mattresses because lack of sleep causes irritability? I can go on...

...but anyways, are we really going to point fingers at gaming when the news is a daily dose of real violence that is far more desensitizing? Every single day something is blown up, somebody is executed, hate crimes are committed... it's not even shocking anymore to read about the violence occurring around the world every day.

Tetsujin609d ago

I grew up playing violent video games. Does that mean I have violent behavior? No. I was taught right/wrong at an early age, and I also had a lot of people my age do some highly stupid actions (which some landed them either in jail or dead), so I was able to see first hand what would happen if someone did something they weren't suppose to. Although I am only one person, I can speak from 100% experience violent games did nothing more than to help calm me down from real life, and also helped in knowing whatever actions I did on the screen would reset after playing.

What it boils down to, lazy parents needing to find a scapegoat for their lack of being involved in their children's life. Before gaming it was movies, music, comic books, and in some cases folklore.

I get so sick of these "studies" about violence in media, and how much if effects someone. If you're a parent, be a parent, end of story. If your child/ren start to develop negative habits from gaming, find a way to teach them in a matter they will learn without harming others.

SolidGear3609d ago

Don't forget that immoral devil's music known as Rock and Roll! xD

Tetsujin609d ago

I remember the same thing when hip hop/rap started getting big. "They promote inner city violence."