Nintendo transfers your saves if you have to RMA your Switch

If you have to RMA your Switch, it looks like Nintendo will back up the save files for you.

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FallenAngel198410d ago

Nintendo's subscription service better have cloud saving

porkChop10d ago

Agreed. I think it will though. In 2017 you can't not have cloud saves.

Cmv3810d ago

Nintendo: hold my beer.

FallenAngel198410d ago

In 2017 you can't not have party chat

porkChop10d ago

Again, agreed. Party chat is certainly important, and I hope Nintendo figures all this stuff out.

Realplaya10d ago

Party chat for what I game a decent amount of games I don't play long enough to have group sessions.

yomfweeee10d ago

Coming soon to your cell phone that you can't use next to your joycon.