Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Patch 1.21 Live. Full Patch Notes

Multiplayer: New Mode: King of the Hill After making its debut in the Beta Test Playlist, King of the Hill is now a full-featured game mode, complete with leaderboards, Cinema Replay support, and Challenges. We love this fast-paced, team-based mode and how it enables players to make great use of all of Multiplayer’s core mechanics. …

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PixelGateUk434d ago

It's good they keep things updated

princejb134434d ago

It's still a fun game
I play this game more than titanfall 2 and battlefield 1

TheVetOfGaming434d ago

I'm trying to platinum the main game, but it is a challenge and a half.

I will need to play more of the multiplayer though. It seems pretty fun so far.

Greg2801434d ago

Watch out with the Treasure Master Trophy. It glitches for a lot of people including myself.
After collecting all the treasures, the game stats will state that you are missing 1 treasure, and because of this the trophie wont unlock.

Naughty Dog still didn't fix that issue till this day. They came with some kind of work around, but this will not work.

All the other trophies unlock fine, and the speedrun trophy is fun to do.

princejb134434d ago

Dude i still haven't been able to beat level 20 in crushing difficulty. Is so hard