‘We Won’t Lose Sight Of Current Machines Because Of Xbox Scorpio,’ Says Hi-Rez Studios’ Developer

The Xbox One Scorpio may be the most powerful console ever made when it releases later this year, but in the end, the bulk of the market will still be tied up in less powerful machines, such as the PS4, Xbox One, and PS4 Pro. So of course, it sounds like developers will want to ensure they are still hitting those consoles and hitting them well- while they would like to make full use of the Scorpio and all that it has to offer, it can't come at the expense of the bulk of the market.

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Septic462d ago

Yeah I know the Scorpio's beastly specs might tower over all other consoles on the market but it would be silly to assume that devs will neglect the weaker ones, particularly PS4 and PS4 Pro as Sony has a massive hold on the industry. I just hope that:

1. Other consoles dont hold back the Scorpio (particularly the Xbox One)
2. That devs can scale engines well and focus on more than just 4k res for Scorpio games. Use that beastly power to good use

naruga462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

@septic ...the salt (that PS4 dominated this generation with quality and sales) with you is real....your mentioning so many times the word beast-ly , even a promotional addvertiser for Xbox brand would have said it fewer not a bad thing that your a fan i also have preferences but im afraid that your precious Scorpio would be DOA no matter the power not a launch of new generation and the console seems more like a damage control (of Xone s tragic course) rather than beastly ;) effort

AngelicIceDiamond462d ago

"your mentioning so many times the word beast-ly , even a promotional addvertiser for Xbox brand would have said it fewer times."

So I guess it was wrong for PS4 owners to tout the power of PS4 4 years ago right? Even if the only minimal thing separating the two consoles was res and occasionally frame rate shame on Sony fans for embellishing the PS4's power right? Since your shaming Septic for it with Scorpion if logic serves me right.

alb1899461d ago

Are you talking about salt? :)

Pricey461d ago

What would be nice is if he/she would use their brain to come up with more than one adjective to describe it. I understand that its little else than specs at this point but it shouldn't be too hard even for septic to come up with something more original. I suspect however that the reason septic chooses to reuse the same word is in part a vein attempt to goad a certain group of individuals. As such this is trolling and his post should be marked as inappropriate (Since there isn't a flag for trolling) .

Kingthrash360461d ago

I'm just tired if hearing about it. Seriously. It's most powerful yayyyyy!
Just like the n64, Sega saturn, dreamcast, ps3, sega Genesis, ps vita, xbox, before it.....didn't matter then. Why's it matter so much now? Why does specs matter more than games??? With all that power they won't have a game like horizon or even zelda. Smh yall so worryed about 4k but not worried about what games are gunna be 4k. Or will it hurt performance...its ok to be excited it's just what are gamers excited about 4k more than games?

gangsta_red461d ago

So funny to read a comment that starts of with "the salt" then starts to go in on the OP because he feels he uses the word 'beastly' too much, throw in a few "ps4 haz da salez" and you have a meal filled with irony.

Have to laugh how some people on here are so sick of hearing about powah only now. Sure did matter not too long ago.

andrewsquall460d ago

@AngelicIceDiamond Yeah lets ignore the fact that Xbone has hardly any games that come close to the likes of Infamous Second Son, The Order 1886, Horizon Zero Dawn, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted 4 AND all of them at full native 1080p resolutions and great performance too on top of that.
Yeah, its just "res and occasionally frame rate" that is the power difference lol.

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Major_Glitch461d ago

...and MS STILL isn't talking about any new games coming out. Gotta love Microsoft's pr strategy: No new ips or exclusives? Quickly, talk about Scorpio more!

ILostMyMind461d ago

Scorpio is the answer to all questions, according to Microsoft. 😂

ThatOneRiggaNob461d ago

why would they talk about them now when E3 is in a couple of months....?

Aenea461d ago

Am sure at E3 we will see games.....

ShadowKnight461d ago

I know right. Microsoft just don't get it. They need new games.

gangsta_red461d ago

We have only read from Phil from his hundred tweets and hundred articles from gaming bolt from those tweets that they will be getting new games for Xbox.

"No new ips or exclusives? Quickly, talk about Scorpio more!"

Yes, MS not talking about new games and ips must totally mean they wont have any at all from this point on. It's as if people are new to gaming when they walk into an xbox article.

Bigpappy461d ago

Ok Glitch. You just created a new account to say MS is not making a big push to be a Publisher like Sony is and got a lot of agrees. I wonder where I heard that before, but it is not coming to me right now. Any Sony fan hear can tell that always works or you can just look and any Xbox article here on N4G.

But my complaint isn't you screaming about exclusives, it is about you complaining about M$ PR talking about Scorpio. I have had the opposite experience, and am looking for Scorpio news everywhere to find out what kind of CPU they will use. Whenever asked about Scorpio, all they do is say what they have always said: it will be a true 4K console. If you have links to them saying anything else, please share.

Major_Glitch461d ago

@bigpappy Uh...what the hell are you talking about? I started a new what to do what now? And you want me to direct you to articles talking about Scorpio? Did you hit your head? Go play some Horizon or something, I'm worried about you.

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Realms461d ago

Oh septic why even try to make an argument to counter yours, I will just laugh and move on. LOL

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Whitey2k461d ago

Saying that even thou xbox will bring out a power house this year. Only take a few more years to sony bring out ps5 that match or exceeds the power of scorpio

Chris12461d ago

And then Xbox release their next console etc etc. Water is wet and the sky is blue.

ShadowKnight461d ago (Edited 461d ago )

You mean to tell me Microsoft will release the Scorpio 2 in just two years after the Scorpio 🤔. So you're going to spend another $500 dollars with less exclusive games.

Chris12461d ago

@Shadowknight - that's not what I said is it, but nice of you to drop by and troll some more.

Bigpappy461d ago

No Shadow. 2 Years from Scorpio is the earliest you can expect PS5. The next Xbox could be 3-4 years after Scorpio, which would make it 1-2 years after PS5. if Sony decide to wait 3 more years, then that would put the next release window very close. The thing is, what would be the next big direction in gaming tech? No one knows that yet. After 4K and HDR I think gaming engines are going to be the focus for a while. But I could be wrong.

461d ago
SH1ELD461d ago

Is it that difficult to port ps4 game and render it @ 4k 60fps?

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