5 Aspects of Horizon Zero Dawn that Really Needed Polishing

Alex from Twinfinite writes "As brilliant a game as it is, there are some aspects to Horizon Zero Dawn that we wish had a bit more polish."

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zcmilano308d ago

I also thought the crafting and weapon options were a bit limited. I could have definitely done with more rpg and less action... still, nitpicking really because it was a damn good game.

thekhurg307d ago

I'd like the enemies to have less than a quadrillion health.

GtR35olution307d ago

This always happens. You give people something thats above mediocrity that most are used to and some cant handle it so they need to find faults. The game is amazing so just enjoy it for what it is. Everything cant be tailored to everyones liking. The game is amazing

307d ago
thekhurg307d ago

@fanboys above

I know it pains you when someone doesn't think your Sony exclusive adventure is the greatest thing ever (I know it's required that all PS4 exclusives are infallible). But it's not a perfect game. The combat is tedious, and many of the enemies have far too much health which just artificially drags out the fights because they're damage sponges, not strategic encounters.

guyman307d ago

Sorry pathetic fanboy who has probably nerve played the game, but the combat is fantastic, not tedious. What are you even doing here with your irrelevant opinion anyway? It's clear horizon hurts your feelings.

thekhurg307d ago


What's wrong baby girl? You think because someone doesn't have 100% positive things to say about a PS4 exclusive it means they haven't played it? Are you literally that stupid?

kainslayer307d ago

change weapons mods and strategy and you will see they have prety low health ;-)

Sunny_D307d ago

I've been playing on very hard and believe me I would know if these enemies were bullet sponges or not. But the fact is they are not. If you learn the weak spots and the strengths of each machine then you can take them down pretty fast IF you have enough ammo.

Pintheshadows307d ago

The combat is tedious? I know that's your opinion but I can't wrap my head around said opinion in any way shape or form. I think the combat is excellent. Not saying it is perfect which are words you are putting in other people's mouths, but it is exceptional. I personally haven't found a game with such an open approach to combat in a long time.

The game provides you with so many options, and honestly, if you feel like you aren't doing enough damage, I would diversify your tactics and learn how to fight each machine individually. Or just use Freeze bombs and you'll do more damage anyway. Remember, these are giant robots. A giant robot crocodile would be very hard to kill, because it's a giant robot crocodile.

pody307d ago

You're obviously just a noob.

Snookies12307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

They're robots... of course they're not going to be destroyed so easily...

thehitman1398307d ago

Just stop, you clearly haven't played the game... so just stop. Anybody who has knows that tactics n thinking are required to play. Unless you just are a meath head n point in shoot like call of Duty or you're just that stupid, you shouldn't have problems.


kowan307d ago

find their weakness or the right technique and they either kill themselves or you kill them in a hit or two.

Herbiwhore307d ago

Maybe play the game on easy then if you are incapable of besting AI. Indeed using strategy can be daunting for some

306d ago
thekhurg306d ago

I love how one criticism gets all of the Sony fanboys up in arms. Claiming I've never played the game, or that I'm stupid, a noob, or whatever other idiotic fanboy terms they can unleash in a flurry of slobbering ignorance.

Whatever234304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

U don't know what your talking about .Its obvious that u are trolling .

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TKCMuzzer307d ago

Nope, the game is more appealing due to the action. Not everyone has endless hours to put into games with over the top RPG elements, Horzine strikes a very good balance appealing to a far broader audience.

Ceaser9857361307d ago

Every games has flaws.. But nit picking is stupid. There is always room for improvement but the hate needs to stop.

pody307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Very good point TKCMuzzer. This might make it appeal to a broader specter then say the hardcore rpg's.

txboy05307d ago


Have you ever played it for yourself or are you going off what other people say ?

Pintheshadows307d ago

It seems like a lot of people are. Which is a shame, as I feel like they are missing out.

I'd just say play the game. I am not kidding when I say if I took my rose-tinted glasses off for a bit and step away from Deus Ex, I think Horizon might be one of the best games I have ever played. There an artistry to it. Sure, I could go for more weapons and customisation and a bloody BUY MULTIPLE OPTION GUERRILA, and improved menus in general, but honestly my gripes with it are small, and for a new IP, it's really good work. Kudos to Guerilla.

I'd say my 3 favourite 'open world games' are now this, RDR, and TW3. I feel like they are in a special class of their own. They build a sense of place that other games simply cannot match up to.

I've also noticed playing my end game save whilst I was drunk last night that a lot of the enemies are a lot harder. Which is nice. Honestly, it just feels great running around and plugging machine weak spots with hardpoint arrows.

thekhurg306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

I own it. I got to level 27 or so before I got bored of the tedious combat.

jc12307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

its amazing some people cant even stand the idea that others might have constructive criticism for this game...I never understood the concept of fanboyism; either a product is great or it isn't, it doesn't matter who makes it.

DixieNormS307d ago

My only gripe is that it was too fast to upgrade everything. I'm like 8 to 10 hours in and mostly side missions and it seems like I have maxed out all my pouches. But love the game regardless.

txboy05307d ago

Damn you maxed the pouches out that fast ? Are you sure...cause just cause it's red doesn't mean its maxed out you just don't have the right ingredients and at 8-10 hours there are still pouches you don't even have yet.

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Skinman91308d ago

I actually quite liked the balance between action and role-playing, but I will say that the skill tree did feel a bit generic.

MRMagoo123307d ago

the skill tree was great , most skills changed your game play , it wasn't just extra damage here more health here more extra damage here.

Pintheshadows307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

I like the skill tree as well. Everything on there is helpful in some way. Be it getting more resources or being able to knock machines down faster with your spear. Or knocking 3 arrows. And my personal favourite, over ride a machine indefinitely.

On the surface though it does look simple. I will admit that. I think the menu design doesn't help. Not so much the layout, but the icons. I get they were going for a style, but that could definitely be improved. It doesn't feel like the menus are as refined as the rest of the game. Hopefully, they will do what CD Projekt did and improve the menus with a patch. It feels like an area they didn't focus on as much as everything else. Selling and buying things is a pain. Sylens makes up for that though.

I'd quite like some new 'free' weapons and armour as well. I can't help but think there should be a blast bow. And the ability to ride a Stormbird.

I can't wait to see what the DLC is going to be. I hope they do it Witcher style.

madhouse02308d ago

I don't really agree with any of these except the crafting stuff. I didn't really quite understand why there was no abilityto make your own weapons. There was an opportunity there to make cool weapons out of machine parts.

mac_sparrow307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Making weapons out of parts, while admittedly cool, would be overpowered without upping enemy health. This in turn would make the newly crafted weapons feel necessary, adding to the grind. The solution would be to make them limited use, but then you have the same system as now, only without the tactical and skill elements of shooting them off.

There are enough enemy behaviours, weapons and ammo to accommodate several ways of approaching combat encounters.

MillyMike307d ago

Agreed. Could have taken a page out of the Last of Us.

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