Nintendo Switch May Surpass Wii U Sales By Next Year

The Wall Street Journal has a new report out in the wild that suggests Nintendo has very high expectations of the Nintendo Switch in its first year.

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mikeslemonade276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

They can probably only produce that many in that span. By next year gives it basically anything less than 2 full years. To sell 7 mil a year average is possible but Switch gonna stagnate, it's not as popular as a ps2, PS4, DS, Wii etc.

The 10th Rider276d ago

It is true that they can only produce so many, but they just announced that they are doubling production . . . bringing it up to 16 million next fiscal year. Either the Switch will catch on, unlike the Wii U, or you can expect lots of overstock and deep discounts to move units next year.

Athos276d ago

I need to borrow your crystal ball if you already know how popular it is going to be. I need to check some stock options.

IN MY OPINION: I think the thing is going to sell like hotcakes. I love mine and since I got it my PS4 and PC's have collected dust.

MVGeneral275d ago

So far my switch is collecting dust. I don't see it going far.
Right, Toshinden^ (this is in response to your comment)

remixx116275d ago


Your ps4 and PC are collecting dust???

Lol what are you playing on switch other than zelda?

Ps4 has so many games releasing non stop and PC is a haven of titles so I'm just a little confused.

Zelda botw is a big game tho so maybe that's it.

bluefox755275d ago

Of course it'll stagnate, it has nothing to play until Mario, and the last major Mario release didn't really sell that many consoles anyway. This would be fine if the console was powerful enough to get modern AAA 3rd party ports, but it doesn't look like that's happening either.

_-EDMIX-_275d ago

Well yes, but I still see this moving 50 million if they just solely focus on this platform

They can introduce a smaller version like a mini without the dock for more traditional handheld consumers, top down Zelda, Pokemon etc and I think they will be fine.

Only thing that can hurt Nintendo, is Nintendo. What they do legit is going to decide how well this will do in the next few years.

XisThatKid275d ago

I guess I can give it that credit that it can sell a general console 1st year number which is about 10 mill. Most consoles so between 9 and 11 plus the mill it already sold. I see that as fair but that's if it continues. These are mostly core fans. If the novelty dies down and people are still buying it.

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TonyFoxx275d ago

I'm inclined to agree. If they sold through 2 million in a month, that's 11.5 million all of next fiscal year. Even the Xbox One with much more negative reactions to it did that in the first couple years.

_-EDMIX-_275d ago

Except XONE sold 1 million plus in the first 24 hours........

Has all major 3rd party support.....

Mind you, it had the whole DRM thing going for it and still sold over 1 million in mere hours.....

TonyFoxx275d ago

True, but I'm hoping this also means they begin porting 3DS games to Switch too with their change of expectations now they realize it can be successful.

pcz275d ago

the wiiu was shit. an embarrassment.

_-EDMIX-_275d ago


If Nintendo just focuses on this device ONLY, it should easily surpass Wii U sales.

1. I want to see them pledge 100% support of this device and not make another Portable like they are saying

2.I want a Switch Slim Mini as well as an XL

3. I want to see a version with the unit by itself and dock optional at a lower cost.

4. If number 1 is correct, then its a given that we will see top down Zelda concept, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Mario RPG like the Super Star Saga series etc.

They just focus on this, I see this easily moving 50 million units if not more. They have the install base for this, they simply need to focus on it.

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Moonman276d ago

I know it will. It's too good to fail. It offers versatility in how we game that no one can offer right now but Nintendo. People like new experiences or at least unique ones in this "we've already seen it all" world.

_-EDMIX-_275d ago

" It offers versatility in how we game "

Sooooooo handheld?

Didn't 3DS sell less then DS?

They still need to capture that portable market bud. That is the market that they need right now that is shrinking.

This is not offering anything that they haven't done before with the exception of a video out feature.

With MOST of their base playing portable, I find it hard to believe they would be moving units based on being able to play on the TV.

Smash on 3DS sold MORE units then the Wii U version bud. its very, very clear that their fans for the most part exist on portable.

Ghost_of_Tsushima276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

"Nintendo Switch May Surpass Wii U Sales By Next Year"

Not really surprising. WiiU was a failure.

Moonman276d ago

But it's still a nice chunk of millions to outsell in one year.

TonyFoxx275d ago

It was more about how Nintendo is increasing production with that kind of expectation. Which was not how they had been approaching the system good or bad.

PhoenixUp276d ago

It's not that hard to outsell Wii U. Even Vita accomplished that effortless feat

Erik7357276d ago

Vita did not outsell todays wiiu numbers in its first year...

PhoenixUp276d ago

No but Vita consistently stayed ahead of Wii U sales throughout its entire lifetime, even though Sony dropped first party support half way through

Moonman276d ago

But what's Vita's best selling game? Wii U software sold excellent compared to the install base. It's more successful if you ask me with better games.

PhoenixUp275d ago

It's even more appalling that Wii U with all its best selling games still couldn't manage to outsell Vita

jaymacx275d ago

Wii U had a great library. What killed it really was poor proof of concept and poor marketing. It also needed a Unique Name .

shockwave4life276d ago

Is that suppose to be some kind of an accomplishment???? The Wii U is Nintendo's worst selling console EVER!! It only sold 13 million units and Nintendo actually thought they were gonna sell 100 million?!??!.....What a joke the Switch isaint gonna sell much better if there arnt enough games on the system!! Just like the Wii U that was the main reason why it only sold 13 million not enough games came out and no 3rd party support. Thank god the switch won't have that problem......,.........o wait they're already having that problem and that's gonna be the problem for the first yr!! And no a 2 yr old rehashed Mario kart 8 and Splatoon 2 doesn't equal a lot of good games coming out!! Or a bunch of shitty cheap shitty indie titles Sorry Nintendo butt boys. 2018 who knows??? I'm not putting any faith into Nintendo after the Wii U!! Nope they better show a lot of shit at E3 this yr! Like an actual proper Metroid game! A console Pokémon game. A NEW super smash bros. And actual new good main 3rd party games not a 5 yr old non remastered version of skyrim!!! That doesn't count as good 3rd party support Nintendo u bunch of ignorant dumb japs!!!

Athos276d ago

I think you need to add some more exclamation points because of how intelligent they make you look.

Also your racist rant about "Japs" isn't appreciated. Grow up, your post reads like it was written by a dumb ass 10 year old.

Outlawzz276d ago

Lol all I hear is whining in your post tone it down to a civil level please child

Paytaa276d ago

After that last sentence you are a straight up trashbag

TonyFoxx275d ago

to sell 13.5 million units in one year's time is more than they have sold in 5 years time... yes, that is an accomplishment.

jaymacx275d ago

that is an accomplishment to out sell your failure in 1/4 the time... you are on full hate. Try being more balanced and maybe we can have a real discussion.

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