Top 5 Epic Pieces of Gaming Booty

Finding secrets and special loot can sometimes make you feel like a pilfering gaming pirate. And while free stuff is always cool, there are certain items that especially stand out. So join CheatCC as we count down five of the coolest doubloons you can add to your treasure chest.

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Fist4achin101d ago

I always thought Morigan and Isabella from Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 were some of the finest!!!

ChrisW100d ago

Professor, what's another word for pirate treasure?
Why I think it's booty... B... B... Booty!

Shin-Zantetsuken100d ago

Nice clickbait... I thought they were talking about THAT booty... but they are talking about just booty... you know, Loot? Guns? Gear? I fell for it...

Fist4achin100d ago

I know. I just took it that way because it was more interesting at the moment. I thought some of the best booty were the ultimate weapons/summons from FFX.

100d ago
guyjean100d ago

slideshow articles su*k.