Are Gamers Getting Sick of Open-worlds?

Open world games are practically an epidemic. It seems like every new release has one. Is that good for gamers?

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skydragoonityx368d ago

I can't speak for others, but I'm not getting tired of open world games. I love to explore a lot. Games like witcher 3 & Zelda BOTW handles open world spectacularly.

_-EDMIX-_367d ago

In my personal opinion to a lesser degree does breath of the wild handle open world properly.

I actually believe that the game could have been just as good one tenth of the size.

I always felt I would really really really like a huge open-world Zelda and after watching my friend Play Breath of the wild I begin to realize maybe that's not exactly what I wanted. I literally feel like I could take it or leave it simply because there's a lot of areas where there's literally just nothing.

But for people who like to explore I believe there's lots for them to handle.

But I alternately agree that I don't really think people are tired of open world games they're simply tired of them being managed and created poorly. There are some parts where breath of the wild handles the open-world correctly like with its moving dungeons similar to Shadow of the Colossus, there other parts where it's just Baron.

Maybe that was conceptually the point.

I believe there are lots of games that don't add enough to their open world that makes you even question the decision. I believe those are the games that make people fatigued because they don't make use of the concept enough to justify it.

After playing The Last of Us I truthfully feel that there's some Concepts where it makes sense and there's some that it doesn't. Of course part of me would feel like the last of us would be amazing as an open world game but then another part of me realize is that how the game was formed conceptually makes sense for it to be more or less a linear experience in Fallout was created to be that open-ended concept.

If a games concept lens more towards being linear maybe that's the path that should go down if if there is a game that is made to be open world and has multiple Quest been clearly the concept could be created better sometimes you just don't know until you play it like I wanted Mass Effect to be open world but only time will tell if that's even the proper fit for that game.

Who knows maybe Bethesda makes an open world space RPG and that's what I wanted more than let's say Mass Effect sometimes you have to play it to know.

mikeslemonade367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

I've been tired of open worlds since GTA3. There's only 4 games that I even remotely like the open world.. New Zelda, GTA5, Dark Souls, Mass Effect 1

Open worlds typically have reused assets, repetitive gameplay, bland environments, and ugly environments. The new Zelda does it good but it looks ugly with crap draw distance and aliasing.

Imalwaysright367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

I on the other hand can't think of any open world game that I played that handles it as well as Zelda. The attention to detail and interactivity that Zelda allows through its physics system sets it a apart from all the other open world games that I played. No other open world game managed to surprise me after more than 30 hours of gameplay like Zelda has. Astonishing how I keep learning new things about Zelda's gameplay and its world even after all the time I put into it. Truly a masterpiece of a game that imo sets the standard for how open world games should be designed.

_-EDMIX-_367d ago

@ima-. " I on the other hand can't think of any open world game that I played that handles it as well as Zelda. "

That is actually irrelevant to Zelda being an open world game.

I don't understand? If so there was a lady or game that would handle differently? What do you mean?

Also the physics inside of Zelda from what I've seen are actually not that different than most games....

I'm having a hard time understanding what you're finding fascinating about this simply because there are physics that exists inside of Grand Theft Auto and I could tell you how much I like all Grand Theft Auto feels this is actually sounds more so like you just personally enjoy that game.,...

"imo sets the standard for how open world games should be designed."

Can you specifically go into detail with that? Like what features are referring to? Because users have actually been asking you to do this and you've been actually avoiding the subject.

Literally explain what actual features what you're talking about in regards to setting the standard because a lot of what you're talking about is extremely subjective.

I mean you might have to consider I could say the same thing about Rime.

Whether I agree with you or disagree with you is irrelevant you have to admit it's difficult to understand what you're talking about it if you're not actually being specific.

Imalwaysright367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

As irrelevant as saying this?

"In my personal opinion to a lesser degree does breath of the wild handle open world properly."

Also I'm not just talking about its physics system. I'm talking about the level of interactivity that Zelda has as well as the level of detail through its physics system. How many open world games let u cut a tree and use it to go down a river as some sort of surfing board? How many games have you played that allow you to kill all the fish in a pond by electrifying the water or use food to attract fish? How many games have you played that made climbing more difficult because the surface is wet due to the rain? How about if you leave food in a cold environment it gets frozen but you leave in a vulcano it gets cooked? Using a metalic armor and weapon when there is a thunderstorm is a sure enough way for you to die because you will get struck by lightining. How about using fire to create an updraft and then use your glider to fly? How about if you're wet and try to get yourself on fire, you are immune to the fire for a short period of time? These are little details and interactivity that you get in the game through its physics system so while other games may have great physics system, they don't offer this level of detail and interactivity.

"Can you specifically go into detail with that?"

I already did. The level of detail and interactivity in this game sets the standard for open world games because it puts all the other open world games I played to shame in those departments. It makes the world feel alive through player agency and all due to the amazing physics system Nintendo has created.

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PhoenixUp368d ago

Not as long as they keep buying them

bahigigu367d ago

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Antnee534367d ago

I mean if the open world is good like horizon and zelda no but much of these other open world games yes I am.

_-EDMIX-_367d ago

Agree there still lots of games that don't abuse the concept.

ORyanDeee367d ago

yeah, some open world games are just really bland and boring but ones like the witcher 3, horizon and zelda are great

Chris_Wray367d ago

Not really new. Of course they are, but it depends on the open world. If it's bland, like Ubisoft games tend to be, then yes. However, if it's richly detailed with stacks of meaningful content, not bland filler, then not at all.

TheCommentator367d ago

Like any genre, there are good and bad examples for sure. We need to have variety though. Not just open world games.

I'd like to see more games like Minecraft, Fallout 4, and Ark though, personally, because the power to create content in-game can alter its' playability in many unexpected and unique ways. I enjoy games that let me have creative freedom to play how I want.

Chris_Wray363d ago

I can agree there. I just think the Open World game, as it is now, has far more bad examples than good. So few Horizon's are coming out, yet there are loads of That Ubisoft Game style games where it's all about random filler than actual meaningful content.

_-EDMIX-_367d ago


Gamers are simply getting sick of bad design.

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