GameStop: Nintendo Switch will be back in stock next week

Retailer GameStop has announced that new Nintendo Switch stock will be back as early as Wednesday, March 22.

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GtR35olution457d ago

Lol. I cant wait till about a month from now to see where the sales will be for this system. I dont know how they plan to sell a console with weak hardware and barely any games.

Moonman457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

Barely any games for YOU. Go play Sleep Effect. I'll save my money on an actually fun, quality Switch exclusive in April.

annoyedgamer457d ago

Nintendo's tactic with producing low quantities in order to prop up prices sickens me. I would actually buy a Switch..but I am not paying their asking price for it 3 years after release.

porkChop457d ago

Low quantities? There was literally just a report about a ramp up in production, with at least 16 million Switch units being produced between April '17 and April '18.

BrandanT454d ago

Nintendo did not prop up prices, scalpers did. Nintendo does not get a penny from those extortionate prices.

rataranian457d ago

Fanboys are the only ones who bought this pos. Every gamer I know laughed at the thing.

BrandanT454d ago

That's typically bias association. People often associate themselves with those who share common opinions.